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CSS tools

What css tool do you use:

do you write in notepad?
do you use simple css?
or do you use your html editor?

also do you use internal or external css?
I use Notepad or Arachnophila to write it, and I make webpages with HTML/PHP so I just include the seprate file with PHP, it makes it very easy.

What's simple CSS?

i'm using note tab pro when building a layout... accompanied by css of course for a little bit of spice in a webpage. i prefer to use external css 'coz having an internal css is very crowded with all those html and css codes. i also use some php but mostly i only deal with html and css
the css sidebar for firefox is sooo useful, go try it out now!

edit css

I couldn't live without it.
davmcmul wrote:
the css sidebar for firefox is sooo useful, go try it out now!

edit css [/url]

I couldn't live without it.

same here. good for getting some cool things etc.
I use dreamweaver and have it external to decluter my work area
I used HTML-Kit Wink
davmcmul wrote:
the css sidebar for firefox is sooo useful, go try it out now!

edit css [/url]

I couldn't live without it.

what can it do? can you please explain? thanks
its quite simple but really useful, if you don't already have firefox, then get it. Then go to and find the extensions page for firefox (not the easiest to find but it is there) look under developer tools and find the extension called edit css. install.

Once its fully installed go to view>sidebar>editcss and a sidebar will open on your left containing all the stylesheets etc of the page you are currently viewing and (here's the really useful bit Wink) you can change them and the page you are viewing will change accordingly instantaneously!

This is really handy for finding the right colour scheme or positioning your links sidebar correctly, although you're still lost if you don't have any colour sense Wink

Really great extension.
Texas Al
...for a more user friendly experience, or for huge CSS files (like the ones found in TikiWiki templates, for instance) so far the best utility I've been able to find was the one packaged in with Nvu.

I tried Eclipse, which claims to be an IDE for "everything" and maybe it is, but the learning curve is pretty steep, and the CSS plugin for it seems to be in its embryonic stages still.

I also tried EclipseStyle (thinking that *that* was the Eclipse plugin) and I like the interface BUT IT MURDERS CERTAIN CSS EXPRESSIONS and deletes comments for some lame reason. Too bad, because their UI really gets it right.

CSSed is a Java program, and like many GL-based programs it really breaks the Windows UI conventions. The UI that it does have is a little awkward and only a small imprvoement over using notepad. Basically notepad with a built-in CSS reference in a sidebar. Same problem with EasyCSS and AlleyCode.

There is an online tool I like specifically for picking colors...

And another one for generating pure CSS layouts here...

If you're making CSS from scratch, you could just sketch out the basics of it using the second link and then try out different colors until you find a combo you like using the first link and paste them into the CSS the second one generates. Without having to use any desktop apps at all!
I use Notepad, because I hate WYSIWYG. They produce horrible code. I like it to be pretty Very Happy

I use external CSS unless it makes more sense to use inline. I'd use external for the site layout and such things, whereas I would prefer inline for something specific to the page that I didn't plan on reusing (in that case, I would make it a class).
open , you can download any nice template ... Laughing Laughing Laughing
I like to use crimson editor (same editor that i use for php) because of it's syntax highlighting. If I make any mistakes I can catach them easily instead of looking over all my code again. Also, I find it's best to actually write your own css instead of taking templates because then you actually know what's going on if you ever need to tweak or change the page.
i use dreamweaver mx to create css stylesheet and thats the easy way to create css!
I use TopStyle as of right now, but I may switch to the firefox plugin if that is more convenient.
I usually code in texturizer, but sometimes when I'm feeling lazy I go WYSIWYG in dreamweaver. It's really just up to you. Btw thanks to the link to edit CSS davmcmul.
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