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How to make your website appear 1st on Google Search ?

I think it's everybody's dream to put his site on the top of google search ...
But what's the key to success ?
well first of all you posted in the wrong place...but there are alot of information about SEO (search engine optimisation) on the forum here: and number 1 is pretty hard to get....but as long as you have quality content and alot of pacience so that people get to know your website and return day after day you will raise up on serach engine queries
If there was a magic pill we all have popped it wont we? But quality and unique content go a long way in getting top positions. Along with a lot of links, but as long you have good content you will get the links. If you are new to SEO game might I recooment my article
Well, it the ease of the serch engine to find your site that ranks it.

For instance:
If my site was linked to 1,000,000 +, i'd be the top link (in that topic), because google can find my link first out of the other hundred thousand links.

It also depends on Meta tagging, popularity and the size of the webpage (takes nothing over 150 k...or something like that)

So get your link found on the net!

Search Funx3
then click Im feeling lucky!

Razz Good Luck.
One more hint : make your site valid, and semantic.
The problem is that you need to have a lot of visitor in order to be in a good position while you need a good position in order to get lot of visitors...
pecocer wrote:
The problem is that you need to have a lot of visitor in order to be in a good position while you need a good position in order to get lot of visitors...

I am feeling that same burden myself. I am taking the time to advertize subtly on many other forums just to get people visiting which will hopefully fuel the correct direction of the vicious cycle.
Yes, you need a lot of visitors, aswell as being patent, getting to the top of a search engine does take time, and your site will work its way up to the top.

Dreamweaver Ext.... Metatag Manager works wonders, and a frequent robot setting on your domain name like every day. It really is simpler than most people thing. Just have a large amount of meta options. There is some AdSense guy, William Charlwood or something, explains it all it really is in the meta keyword thing. Doesn't eveyone no this O_O

*Worried about Website as a whole now after seing this post*
I once tried this many times. After well over 500 links found, I still struggled. Although I struggled, links is the key to success. Watch where you post the links though.
for fast results you can use any of the new linkfarm. this can lift you up even to first 5 (if you use 'niche' keywords), but after next google update (quarterly) you can be kicked out from first million;-)
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