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Trying to use Pandora with Opera on Linux

I'm running Linux Mint 14, and want to listen to music from I prefer to use the Opera browser, but it appears they don't support Opera real well. Initially, flash wouldn't run. I set flash to play-on-click, which doesn't seem to work if a site checks for flash active.

I enabled flash for and I tried enabling it for *, but that didn't seem to function, so their flash ads (presumably coming either from a third party site, or more likely an unknown subdomain of pandora) would sometimes show the request, but mostly fail. I tested it with all flash allowed from all sites, and the ads looked fine. I don't know if the audio stream depends on flash or not, but it still didn't work.

I contacted Opera and asked them if they had any ideas. I'll let you know if they reply. The more people that bug them about using Opera, the greater the chance that Opera will remain viable as an alternative browser. If anyone here has been able to solve this or other Opera compatibility issues, I'd be interested in hearing about it.
Are you sure you have fixed the flash issue in opera. Flash from opera used the one available from chrome browser. Just try to install chrome. I have this problem before and I just did the same thing and flash in opera work like charm.
Unfortunately, I just got a reply that they do not support the Opera browser. Of course it's possible it still might work, but they won't help me figure out what's wrong. At least I let them know they have one more unhappy customer.

The adobe test page says: You have version 25,0,0,171 installed. That appears to be the latest, so I expect flash should work, provided I give the Pandora site permission.

@jestoy, have you tried running Pandora in Opera? I would like to know what is missing for me. My guess is the audio doesn't use flash, but I have no idea how it works.

PS. I did have to manually install flash, so I understand what you're saying.
Ah sorry but pandora is not supported from the country I am in right now. They said it for australia something like that on the home page. I do experience flash problem in opera in linux and sometimes it was fix by copying the ppapi flash file and sometimes by installing google chrome.
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