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English Premier League

Big fan of football, especially English football? Come talk here. I missed the Liverpool and Arsenal match. What do ou think?
Primiership is cool

I Like More, Bundesliga or Serie A. But Primeirship don´t stay behind^^

I Believe in the Power of Chelsea, to win this year championship
Rafa Benitez's power!!!!

Liverpool, again european champion. The spanish "armada" is going to make Liverpool glorious again. I now at the domestic championship they're not playing specially good, but this is because they are experts in the Champions League Smile Very Happy
I am a massive fan of the premiership, i support Manchester United, i have watched every single Manchester United match.
The EPL is the greatest football league of the world.

Though, I also like the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1 Orange.
Hey, liverpool won arsenal 4-1 jst like man unt beat blackburn 4-1 Very Happy We luv united we do! we luv united we do! we luv united we do! oh united we luv u! Very Happy
Patriot Players
Chelsea Watford turned to be a great match to watch, although it was unfortunately worrying for me since I am a Chelsea supporter and we should be owning these bottom of the table clubs. The Premiership is still possible, but only just barely. We get Joe Cole back this week! Finally, he has been gone for FAR too long. Hopefully he can make up for some of the others (Robben at the moment) that we have lost to injury.
This league is awesome..When i watch it time is going faster and faster Very Happy

The best quality league in the world....
With how manchester united is playing this season. (really attractive, exciting football).. It is no wonder the premiership is so popular. It has been really great to watch so far this season
With Chelsea's poor performance at home against Bolton, Man Utd look all set to win the title.
Very happy with yesterday's results - I couldn't stand it if Chelsea had won the title again. Goodbye Mr Mourinho!
The title race looks done and dusted now for manchester united,and chelsea who were on the verge of a quadruple,could end up with just the carling cup,though i do fancy them to reach the champions league final,the 1-0 they got at home should see them through.
Come on Liverpool, Come on...

i hope, Liverpool will reach the finals of the champions League...
yeah premiership is done and dusted now unless utd really screw up. After Utd's emphatic win over Roma I would also consider them "the" contenders for the champions league too
It will be difficult for Man U to get past Milan though - although they have a 3-2 lead going to the San Siro, it might not be enough. They will have to score a couple of goals at least - with 3/4 of the normal backline out, Milan are bound to get a couple themselves.

But, overall, I think Man U have to be favourites. I fancy Chelsea to sneak past Liverpool... so two MU - Chelsea finals will be upon us. Wouldn't it be great to see Mourinho's face after Chelsea lose both of them Very Happy
agree with you there, would be nice to see Mourinho's face if he lost to utd. Anyway the main thing I think it should make an exciting finish to the season which is all good if you ask me
AC Milano will loose the game on Wednesday...
schmidi wrote:
AC Milano will loose the game on Wednesday...

I hope not. I don't want it to be an all English final.
I support the Manchester united football club and I am confident that they will win the english premier ship match this year.
damn Manchester United is out...

this was a game to forget....

a game to be angry

0:3... Manchester was disappointing me...

this is harm...
chelsea play a very boring style. All they have been doing all season is playing with lone striker drogba and play hoof and watch drogba score. It is only because of their quality players that they have done moderately well
Chelsea has been noticing a dip in form actually speaking. 2-2 at home against Bolton. Losing on penalties away. Well, as far as United are concerned, they don't look on top form either. A lucky win at Everton and a terrible preformance at the San Siro is not what they wanted before the Manchester Derby. Anyway, so, I think that the hands of the EPL now lie with United though Chelsea can change it if they beat United at Stamford Bridge.
Otherwise, it's United's title.
Well, United is going to win this year, but Arsenal, after taking some time for injury healing, and a little bit of restructuring, should be back in good contention next year. They have great talent all across the field, and the way Arsene is with young players, they just keep getting better and better. Cesc anyone?
congratulations for MU fans !! U guys won the title.
MU won the title, congratulations to them Smile
after they won, the match between Chelsea and MU last few days become less attractive...
Now, just concern the last team who is the last relegated team Rolling Eyes
Well, that's that. The EPL is over now.
Man Utd won. Chelsea are goin to the Champions League. Liverpool and Arsenal will go into Champions League Qualifiers. Tottenham, Everton and Bolton bagged UEFA Cup spots. Reading and Portsmouth will go to the Intertoto Cup,

The relegated teams are Sheffield, Charlton and Watford.

So, lookin forward to the EPL next season.
Now, who will win the FA Cup on saturday?

Chelsea or Manchester United...

Michael Ballack and Schewtschenko are hurt and can not play... on the other side Gary Neville is hurt also...

and Didier Drogba says, that Manchester Untited is the favourite of this game. I believe him...
both teams are out of the champions league. Manchester has won the titel in the Premier Ship, Chelsea London has won nothing, so it is the only possibility for Mourinho too win this cup. But it is almost so, that he leaves Chelsea very soon. Now, we will see...
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