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Writing/Modifying an PnP RPG system

I've been a long-time player of roleplaying games. I first started playing in about 1995, playing Star Wars the Roleplaying Game Second Edition, and have played several game systems and settings since. I've never really liked game/dungeon mastering, preferring to be a player, but have run a few games in my time as well.

My daughter wants to play more RPGs, wants me to run a game, and has a preference for fantasy settings, like in Dungeons and Dragons. Problem is, the D20 systems used in the various editions of DnD requires a fair degree of preparation time beyond the preparation required just to build/develop a story. Encounter and enemy stats take a long time to plan out in addition to the narrative. The game system I first played (Star Wars 2e), in contrast, was written with a very cinematic, fast paced rule system, and I've always found it much easier to create with... it had more freedom and less math planning.
So, I've decided to run a game for my daughter... eventually. First, I have to adapt the speedy D6 system to a fantasy setting... do lots of work up front to build a game, and the actual play and narrative, the ongoing effort, should be greatly reduced. I've already started adapting the game system, removing the sci-fi type rules and re-jigging them for a lower technology, higher magic sort of affair. It's coming along, but there's still a lot of planning, writing, editing and streamlining to do.

Part way through this process I remembered that the publisher of Star Wars D6 had built a more generic rule set and adapted it to a couple different genres, including fantasy! I hunted down a copy of the D6 Fantasy rules and started to read. Interestingly enough, I was largely on the same page as the publisher for how to adapt the rules, though there were differences. After some decision making, I've decided that I would go ahead with continuing my work, rather than just use the West End Games rules... some things jived, some didn't.

If anyone's interested, I can share what I'm working on for discussion. A couple people had expressed interest in RPGs, but no discussion has really come up in the forums... so I figured I'd kickstart things a little Razz
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