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Problem with Frihost search?

I tried the Frihost search today, and it seems to only find older posts (apparently from 2014 and earlier). For example, I searched for Afrihost which was recently discussed, and there was only one match, in the Portuguese forum in 2006.

I'm curious if others get similar results. My first thought is that perhaps an indexing job either has not been run since 2014, or has produced erroneous results since then.
You're right. The most recent posts that turn up seem to be from 9 July 2014 which happens to coincide with the website being moved to a different server.

Bondings, 7 July 2014 wrote:
Server 2/3 (including this website) will need to be moved to a different server shortly...

Bondings, 9 July 2014 wrote:
I'm going to try the move now...

Bondings, 11 July 2014 wrote:
We are on the new server now...

Bondings hasn't made a post since.
Peterssidan is correct. Bondings mentioned in the same thread that he still had to make some modifications to the Forum to bring all of the plugins, including the ones he had created up to date. That unfortunately never happened. Our Stats Tool is one of the tools that I miss the most.

I miss the Search tool too. It's one of the best ones I've come across in forums as it's also one of Bondings' creations, i.e. he tooled it and the one that appears in the top right hand corner is not the one that comes with phpbb. If I don't miss it many years ago there was a discussion about it. Will see if I can find it.

Found the thread:
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