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My future world timeline- feedback and help?

This is the timeline of the future of the world, according to my predictions.
Era 1: Post-Information Age (circa 2020-2060)
-the immediate future
Era 2: Fusion Age (2060-2100)
--the advent of fusion power eliminates the need for fossil fuels and ushers in an age of unlimited energy
Era 3: Interplanetary Age (2100-2200)
--Humanity explores the solar system and establishes bases on the moon and Mars
Era 4 Interstellar Age (2200-2300)
--The invention of Faster than light travel allows humanity to explore the galaxy
Era 5: Age of Abundance (2300-2400)
--Humanity colonizes the galaxy
Era 6: Transcendent Era (2400+)
--Humanity uploads their minds into computers and live in their own immortal designer universes

I need 5 future inventions/techs/discoveries for each era. Thanks
That's a pretty ambitious agenda, pretty much assuming we don't make any more major missteps leading to world wars or other disasters. I hope that much of this does become our actual future history.

Is this for a book or a series you are writing? I'm sure there will be plenty of dramatic inventions fitting your criteria, but it will be interesting to try to select the ones that seem most probable. Perhaps if we dumped (or at least de-emphasized) Tokamak technology and studied alternatives, the fusion age might come a little ahead of schedule. A couple of interesting transportation options are space elevators and tunnel systems under our cities.
I will put Interplanetary gae before fusion age, it's more likely that we would be able to colonize Mars first then we would be able to create and maintain fusion reactor, but it's just my 2 cents
restonpiston wrote:
I will put Interplanetary gae before fusion age, it's more likely that we would be able to colonize Mars first then we would be able to create and maintain fusion reactor, but it's just my 2 cents

I might agree with this but for the word "colonize". Fusion power has been 50 years away for almost the last 50 years, and may continue to be so for the next 100. I believe we are quite likely to send humans to Mars by 2060, and have a permanent base there by 2090. We might have tourists visiting shortly after. I do think Mars will continue to be seen as a hardship post, with people sacrificing their personal lives for research or profit. It may become possible to have dependents come when posted there, but starting a family and expecting them to remain there doesn't seem likely. After all, conditions there are quite a bit worse than Antarctica, both in terms of weather and transportation.

The Earth's moon, Mars, and possibly a couple of Jovian or Saturnian moons are the only places I see likely as permanent bases. Doubtless there will be other scientific outposts in space, but I suspect most of them will be able to function without humans always present.
Nice catch, I interpreted it as just travelling and establishing scattered bases, but i didn't take into account the colonization. For me, a planet is fully colonized if is terraformed or as terraformed as it can be.

I agree with your timetables about Mars, maybe a bit optimistic about the date of the permanent base, but who I am to tell.

The bases may work without direct human intervention, but we are far away from achieving IA, so little corrections have to be made into the bases periodically.
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