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Cpanel login time--automatic logouts

What are the automatic logout times in Cpanel, specifically on Server 1? (I assume the same time also applies to DirectAdmin.) How can I change those times to a little more? I have not found this information.

Also, does Frihost have its own help pages for Cpanel, or is there a recommended website?
I had cPanel logout issues a number of years ago. After plenty of research I discovered that if one's ISP has IPs with shorter dynamic lengths than the average norm, one gets logged out in cpanel. Only solution for me was to get a proxy.

Problem is with the ISP not with cPanel. So solution is probably to go for a service such as a proxy service that uses different IPs with dynamic lengths that fit the standard.

Obviously we can't change the length specs in cPanel. Don't even know where one would start.

With regard to learning cPanel, there are plenty of resources in cPanel if you check carefully through it. There is also plenty when you Google it. cPanel also has its own Forum, although it's more for cPanel owners.

My greatest source of learning has been the online tutorials in cPanel and also the ones cPanel have posted up in YouTube. All of those tutorials I found through Googling them.
Okay. So what is the automatic logout time in Cpanel? It seems like about fifteen minutes after the last activity.

I don't want to set up a proxy, in part because I'm not an OS-level programmer and have never done it before.
There is no logout time. I can be in cpanel for hours. It's the dynamic lengths of the IP that you have that don't match the average standard. Don't ask me what the average standard is, it's probably something you need to study.

You'll find if you go any other place with your IP and use cpanel you'll have the same issue. Only solution is a proxy. I've been there, and I've done that. If you can find another solution, I'm definitely listening.

Otherwise what you could do is make sure you don't use cpanel often. Like have a WordPress installation, which you can access without being in cpanel.
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