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ADnD4 class combo

In AD&D 4E, I want to try out Artificer 5/Psion 5/Cerebremancer 10/Crystal Master 5, probably in that order of class progression. (I've got 5E books but I don't get them yet.) The Artificer class (Eberron campaign setting) will help with having options on the fly and the Psion class's augmentation (Psionic Handbook) will help with hitting hard and fast when I need to. Both are spellcasting classes with the same ability score as the primary ability score, so one class is not weakened to a lower ability score. (I'd max out on Intelligence.)

Once I can polymorph via Polymorph Self, etc. then I can theoretically polymorph to couatl form, and gain use of supernatural abilities through the feat Metamorphic Transfer (3 uses/day of the form's supernatural ability, Psionic Handbook).

I am a strategist player and power gamer. I figure as a power gamer I should get +2 to +4 level adjustment. As a strategist player, I should get a +1 to +7 level adjustment, depending on my opportunities to use it, that is, the extent to which the DM and other players can accomadate it or are strategy players themselves. Balance in the game is important. I don't know how it would work out as total character level.

I don't mind other people being other types of players like storyteller and the like. I just don't enjoy RPGs without testing my skills as an armchair strategist. I don't follow team sports like football. RPGs fire up my imagination a lot more. I hoping to find a free online game using those rules or something similar. When DDO goes online, I might even be willing to pay for it if it's not so graphics-intensive my computer freezes up.
While I only played a little bit of 4e, I don;t know the specifics of what you're looking to do, I am familiar enough to get an idea of it Razz I played a lot of 3.x, Pathfinder and some 5e, but 4e didn't sit well with my sensibilities. (You can read some thoughts on it in my blog, part 1 and part 2, if you like)

Has DDO gone live yet? I played it a bit back when it first came out, based in the Eberron setting, but didn't stick with it too long.
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