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Growing old is great because...

I don't know which forum this topic fits in but I'm curious how other people are regarding or thinking about old age (60 and above). Apparently, there are more than 450,000 people over 100yrs old in the world today. What do you think about being able to live that long? I'm over 60 and it's no piece of cake. Which I'm not allowed to eat anyway.
Well they say age comes with maturity, wisdom .... it's when one gets to give back and teach others. Some never grow up or grow into maturity - like for me age is not necessarily a sign of anything. You get kids who are more mature than 60 year olds. I just think that there are plenty of insights 60 years could deliver because they've been through major world changes and maybe have the ability to make a big picture assessment. Nothing beats an over 60 person who is a great story teller.
I don't know about telling stories, Dean, but old people do rattle on, haha. Anyone over 60 in Frihost besides me?
Haiku2016 wrote:
I don't know which forum this topic fits in but I'm curious how other people are regarding or thinking about old age (60 and above). Apparently, there are more than 450,000 people over 100yrs old in the world today. What do you think about being able to live that long? I'm over 60 and it's no piece of cake. Which I'm not allowed to eat anyway.

Older is fun
cause You meet every day new friends.
I'm somewhat with Dean; age only has a little bearing on maturity, outlook and all that jazz. Life experience can certainly help shape a person, and provide perspective from which others with less experience might learn (if they're open to it)... but sometimes those same experiences might just entrench someone further into bad or harmful behaviours or outlooks, which does no one any good Razz

I'm on approach to 40, and the prospect of aging isn't terribly pleasing Razz I messed up my back when I was about 26, which has given me pretty consistent reminders of physical limitations since, my patience for futzing around with things to customize them just the way I want them has declined significantly (part of why I have preference for Mac/iOS, they're good and comfortable without having to do much diving through settings, unlike Windows or Android), my past financial/employment decisions and (lack of) successes are looming their long-term heads, reminding me that I haven't been able to save for eventual retirement, as it gets closer...
That said, I'm certainly not romanticizing being young and all the BS that comes with that, neither. Aging is complicated Wink

loveandormoney wrote:
Older is fun
cause You meet every day new friends.

How... how can you think this is true??
I'll chime in here!

My father - A retired US Marine Corp Colonel said to me at 79 years of age - the year before he passed away! Growing old and dying is not for the faint of heart! His health had declined considerably and he knew that he was never going to regain it again.

I am 58 years old now - 2 years away from 60.

Having been an extremely physically strong, and mentally capable person all my life, it is a little distressing to find that as you age you can no longer do the things you used to do. I cannot pick up the heavy things that I used to, I have to be careful of my spine, hips, and shoulders when I work out or work on physical projects. Things tend to get done more slowly than when I was younger as I have to use tools or ask for help when it comes to lifting things.

I have also noticed my memory is not as good and I need to write things down and make more lists to make sure I remember things.

I am not big on looking to the past and like Ankhanu said romanticizing the younger years! They are what they are and they are gone, and there is no choice but to accept that and move on.

I also agree with Ankhanu in that I used to be very fussy and would spend hours working on things to get them just the way I liked them. I no longer do that - as long as things function and get the job I need done I tend to leave it alone! Things don't have to be perfect anymore.

I would also like to add - Ankhanu you shouldn't worry about past employment or financial decisions and or lack of successes looming their long-term heads reminding you that you haven't saved for retirement. I thought at the time when I was younger that I was making good decisions, and I had saved a substantial amount for retirement. I stuck with employers that I was not that happy with because they paid the most and allowed me to save the most in preparation for retirement. Only to find that at age 50 I was laid off, had to take a 55% pay cut to get a job, and in the process burned up my retirement, and savings trying to keep the house that I eventually lost and ended up in bankruptcy.

Point being - even if you had made the greatest decisions in the world to prepare for retirement there is no guarantee that it would work out as planned. I never planned on having IBM steal my pension, never planned on having my job replaced or ending up unemployed, never planned on having my house lose so much value that I ended up owing more than it was worth. AND most importantly I never planned on being 58 years old and living paycheck to paycheck completely unprepared for retirement! So even if you had planed and saved - there is no guarantee that it would have worked out!

You are correct in that some people no matter how old they are never develop to a mature person! In that respect I know a few people that fit that description!

As far as being old and having great stories to tell, that maybe so, but I never really talk much or tell my stories because most people do not want to listen, and most people have their own way of looking at things and resent being told to think differently - so I tend to keep my mouth shut and not say much - plus I refuse to be one of those old guys that is always rambling on about things in their past and the "Good Ole Days" Cool No offense - if you ask me that Good Ole Days weren't that GOOD Very Happy
Well, it seems to me like we're not very much healthier than before. And yet, we're all likely to live longer. 80 is the expected life span, but many are living beyond that. The retirement age is still in the sixties, and worse still, I'm meeting many young people with old age diseases - kidney stones, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and so on. Life is so stressful today.

We're still living like our life expectancy is in the 50s. Why don't we just slow down? Get married young but go to university later and study quarter time, i.e. take 12 years to finish a 3 year course. Work 4 days a week and study 1 day. Start work at 16/18, and slowly build up a career over the next 40 years. You'll be able to finish several degrees, including a PhD, by the time you're 56 (or 60, give or take), and you'll still have another 30 to 40 years to go. Take it easy, enjoy life, and live healthy. Spend more time with your family and people you love.

What's the rush? We're only killing ourselves and spending money on medicine to keep us alive.
Haiku2016 wrote:
I Anyone over 60 in Frihost besides me?

For instance I am over 60.
It's funny that you yourself dont notice when years go by!
Well I am 27 and i already feel like i am getting old lol, so i dread getting to 60. I mean back when you could retire at 50 in the UK i suppose it wouldn't be too bad it would give you the chance to do things without having to worry about work e.t.c but now that the retirement age for me already at this point when i get older is estimated to be way over 70 so i don't particularly look forward to working as an old man when im 60.
to do things without having to worry

thats right. Old people have a lot of experience and the know how to lead relationships.

Young people are full of doubt and so they do a lot of mistakes. They ll must learn to enjoy and realx like You.
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