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Where can i spend Frih$?

im still a newb is there a place yet where i can spend them? if so can you tell me tonight before i get off which is really really soon.
Right now, there is no "shop" as such.
However, you can use your FRIH$ to "buy" website/forum resources (like banners, logos or sigs) from other users in the Marketplace forum.
Or you can gain them by providing a service there as well.. works vice verca
can't you just donate at someone who you think has given a clever extension to your or someone else's post ? Sometimes I read a very funny, intelligent, well thought of post... opposite to some brainless character pastings just to get points; maybe inter-user appreciation can increase the frihost-community feel ??
On the other hand, since we all collect more fri$ points than regular points, it could lead to unfriendly exceptional abuse
Sure if you want to donate frih$ to anyone you can. No one is stopping you. If you feel like donating to me for helping you by telling you that you can donate frih$ to me if you want.
no thats okay id only trade if i got somthing in return like a cool siggy or awesome avatar or somthing like that...or maybe some help with a layout for my website *when ever i get one* and maybe not if its against the rules. and if it is then oh well ill save all of and give it away or spend it in the shop whenever that gets here.
another question
when will the shop be here out of curiousity and stuffs?
thegamecreator wrote:
... my website *when ever i get one* ...

Don't you think the fact that requests take time to be handled is a clear indication that the account creators properly scrutinise your posts before accepting your request? That'sa good thing ain't it? Wink
when will the shop be here out of curiousity and stuffs?

I'm not sure. The only person who can install mods/hacks on this site is Bondings, our site admin, and he is currently very very busy with some other issues that need immediate attention. However, you'll find some pretty good trading in the Marketplace forum even without a shop mod installed.
yes and no i understand why mods do that but...personally i think instead of being a mod for how many posts (thats what i heard you have to have over 1000 posts i may be wrong) bondings should just select some people outta the crowd and see if theyre good enough the community to be mods so we can kinda hurry the process. IMO i mean anyways.
What? I become a mod at 100 post count. So, there's nothing about post count.
well thats cause your a chosen one...besides i wasnt talking bout you...your different Razz oh no offense or anything Very Happy
hey wow, all of this is really cool, almost a gai online feel to it, but the forums are more than "bump this for this" and "bump this to 1million+" and such. l hate those boards, all they do is bump, and all l do is fish Razz
you can donate firh dollars
you can buy a zero-mass invisible elephant for the upcoming race...
@thegamecreator, We like to scrutinise posts to make sure that the right kind of people get their accounts. We don't want random spammers, who'll come online, and post a slew of annoying one-line rubbish posts just to get points to keep their sites hosted, or members who simply copy and paste articles from the Net so that they get higher points per post, and can stay away from the "awfully boring task of posting messages... blah" for longer periods of time.

And Bondings does have some criteria for selecting moderators. I became Mod when I had only around 250-300 posts... besides, not all Moderators are account creators. Only the junior admins and 2 moderators (me and n0obie4life) are account creators... we have as many Moderators as we need, and perhaps less account creators than you would like, but we still have limited account creators, and I don't think it would kill to wait a few hours to get a good site... besides, comparing what we give to most other free hosts, I would think that it's worth the wait.
tidruG forgot to add people who copy and paste other people's posts and repost it, or post posts that break rules or posts that are unrelated to the topic.

That's all.

I think he also forgot to add that, the to-be-moderator must be active, must be loved (chosen) by *cough*me*cough* (no actually the staff)

And post count doesn't say a single thing. Really Wink
I think that i have some FRI$ now.
Wish that one day we can buy our hosting space with our FRI$.
When this day will come ???
yupeng wrote:
I think that i have some FRI$ now.
Wish that one day we can buy our hosting space with our FRI$.
When this day will come ???


[edit] No soon.
[edit2] Yes, very soon.
[edit3] Wait, I think it's tomorrow.
[edit4] No, I thought it came out yesterday
[edit5] Ugh, It'll never come out.
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