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Playing bass guitar as a hobby!

It all started with a pressent from my wife... A beautiful red electric bass guitar just because i had said : "When I'm listening to music, I like paying attension to the bassline"... Now, i own three basses and i play with some friends in our Band, the Ηalicuti Band! Very Happy
That's great Very Happy
What basses are you playing? Amp? Effects?

I've been playing bass since around 1996; I'm not good, but I love it Smile I have a couple bands on the go, though it's often weeks or months between a given band finding the time to get together and play... as it happens, I've got a practice this evening with an old band that hasn't played together for a couple years - we were asked to play an upcoming show, so we need to relearn our songs, and maybe write a couple more.

I primarily play a Bass VI (Schecter Hellcat VI), and my main standard bass is a Japanese Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass, which is basically a Jazz Bass Deluxe P/J with a carved top, gloss black finish and cream binding. I also have a Yamaha BBN5 5-string that I almost never play, a fretless that I put together from an old P-bass body and a neck from a Yamaha fretless that I'd acquired.
I primarily play them through a Peavey T-Max amp, through a big Carvin 115. For effects, my chain is usually an EXH Bass Soulfood (OD), EXH Bass Big Muff (fuzz), TC Electronic Alter Ego x4 (delay), either a phaser or flanger, and a Boss CEB3 Bass chorus.
Ι a Samick electric bass (that was the first one), an Ibanez ectro-acoustic bass (don't remember the exactly model right now, AEsomething...) and mainly i play with a Warwick Corvete Bubinga (4 string) bass). I have already trasformed the Samick bass into a frettless bass. (It was very interesting, as i made it by myself!). Both electric basses are passive.
My amp is an Ampeg amplifier (BA-108) at home and a bigger Hartke at "studio".
I use no extra effects (exept the bass contols of course), and the strings i use are from Thomastic..

As for my Band, we are just a friend-team (now we 6 persons, electric guitar, acoustic, bass, drums, accordion, violin, vocals). At this time we make our music, but nothing prfessional, just as a hideaway from the daily routine. In the past we were more persons and instruments too (cahon, flute, bouzouki, clarinet ...). Our style is a big mix, from the music we like (rock, progressive, ethnic, e.t.c...)

And, yes, i'm not so good too, but i love music and i like playing the bass...
Sounds like you've got an interesting mix in your band... I imagine it has a big sound.
yes, it's interesting... You can have a taste from our earlier line up or on facebook (the halicuti band). Of course, it's all ...Greek!
I have been playing bass for about 4 years now and its really enjoyable, Simple yet you can master it!
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