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AMD Ryzen are you excited? You should be.

Will you upgrade to the more powerful cheaper AMD Ryzen?
Yes I am a huge AMD fan (no not the heat sink fan)
 80%  [ 4 ]
Yes I will convert from Intel.
 0%  [ 0 ]
I will wait for Intel to make a comeback Im a hard "core i7" intel fan
 20%  [ 1 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 5

So in the first quarter of this year i believe AMD will be releasing their new Zen architecture chip branded as Ryzen. This is AMD's biggest push to compete with Intel in a long time and could be their last depending on the sucess of Ryzen.

The Ryzen chip is capable of beating Intels 6900K and potentially Intels soon to be released Kaby lake core i7-7700K chip but just as important it is going to cost around half the price which will hopefully be enough to swing enough Gamers and PC power users back to AMD. I myself have been very happy with my AMD FX8350 for some time i can easily clock it to 5Ghz but it still works fine at its stock 4GHz as it is a very good competitor to the top cor i5 CPU.

So why is it so important for AMD to gain back some market share and claw in some investment money you ask?

Well Intel has been the superior competitor for too long now, so much that the last 4 intel chips have had a marginal performance bump for almost double the price with no real gain other than power efficiency, which is all Intel care about right now they just want to stretch out that battery life of your intel powered laptop/ mobile device.

Intel literally have no pressure or reason to deliver us future power performance because they are sitting pretty earning big money and spending little on R&D (probably getting as complacent as Nokia did and we all know what happened to them when the smart phone came out they was caught with their pants down)

Essentially AMD need a good year or more to get infront of Intel so intel can have a quick panic and release something that will once again beat AMD only then can we truely advance successfully.

Back to the AMD Ryzen though I am very excited I wont be in a position to get a chipset straight away but i do look forward to upgrading in the near future and at least it will be affordable, I recommend you to google this further its going to make a sweet gaming rig since AMD's focus has been on the single core speed increase which was the biggest downside with the AMD FX series as games with 1-2 core only comparability sucked on AMD in comparison to Intels core i5.

I really hope AMD make a comeback, because the last years have been a bit harsh for them.
It's very good for us, the customers, that there is competence is a field that is still growing faster than we can even comprehend.
Seems like an overwhelming majority of people support Ryzen. Despite it's flaws. I've yet to hear a bad word about them.
From what i have been looking up on Ryzen it seems the problems are simply because its new technology.

First of all memory is currently running slower than it should be which is supposed to be getting addressed soon via firmware on motherboards.

I think the main selling point has been that it competes with a processor that costs $1200 which it does just fine.

and benchmarks i have seen show it might not be quite as good at games as the top intel chip but its much faster at multi threaded work loads such as video rendering and streaming.
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