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Valleyman's Poetry

I'm creating this topic as a place for all of my writing to go (instead of posting a new topic for each poem I write). Feel free to comment on, or criticize my work. Here we go then:

Forest lit by Fire:
Forest lit by fire,
Fire of leaves turned dead,
Falling to earth in death’s embrace,
Beauty destroyed without a trace.

Nature’s death is our delight,
Beauty by the firelight.
Beauty fleeting and gone,
By the time of nature’s dawn

Through the treetops death doth speed,
Ever onward pain does lead.
The death in tree not nature’s be
But in our hand we hold the key.

Cure to death upon this earth
to break for eternal birth.
But the cure is ever sealed
Until we see the threat is real.

But in our hand we hold the key.
The death in tree not nature’s be
Ever onward pain does lead,
Through the treetops death doth speed.

By the time of nature’s dawn
Beauty fleeting and gone,
Beauty by the firelight.
Nature’s death is our delight,

Beauty destroyed without a trace.
Falling to earth in death’s embrace,
Fire of leaves turned dead,
Forest lit by fire.

This poem was originally inspired by seeing the brilliant leaves of autumn while out walking one day. That is the image first described, the fire is metaphorical. However, as I wrote the poem, it slowly evolved into being about man's destruction of nature. So I got to the end of the poem and the first few images had been invalidated, sort of. This is why I repeated it, to give people the two different veiws, to let them see it both ways. In any case, I hope you liked it.
My next poem:
The Battle:

The battlefield is broken.
The cannons have spoken
words that left peace shattered.
The men, now battered,
now dead,
still fill the air with lead.

Bullets of lead
leave them broken.
And more are dead
than have spoken.
The men battered.
their hopes shattered.

Their hopes shattered
on the lead
that left them battered.
Their spirits have broken,
their comrades have spoken:
“We are all dead”

All the dead
have left the living shattered.
The soldiers have spoken
with words of lead
hoping the enemy broken,
while themselves battered.

Themselves battered
with their own dead.
But morning has broken
on the field, shattered
by the ravages of lead.
And now we have spoken.

The world has spoken.
“The populace battered
by the lead
flung by those now dead.
We are shattered
and you are broken.”

Mourning has broken and the dead have spoken.
The world is shattered and we have been battered.
The dead now fill their graves with lead.

This is a Sestina I wrote for a school project a while ago and I decided I'd post it. It's meant to portray some of the action and horror of war.
And another:
Dawn of Death:

The sun is rising,
the sky blood red.
Mourning dew
wets the green grass.

The sky blood red
with the day’s impending blood.
Wets the green grass
does the new day’s blood.

With the day’s impending blood
the ax will drink.
Does the new day’s blood
justice prove?

The ax will drink
the prisoner’s blood.
Justice prove
in the this cruel man’s death?

The prisoner’s blood
the executioner spills.
In this cruel man’s death
the public is pleased.

The executioner spills
the criminal’s blood.
The public is pleased
with the criminal’s head.

This is a simple little pontoun I wrote describing the morning of an execution. Hope you liked it.
And the last for the moment:

The fools fall into the light
as the wise dive into night.
The fooled in folly fly
to eth’real light on high.

Their eyes quest for the savior
modifying their behavior.
The few, the wise that see
will never look to he.

The faceless mob moves backward
as the genius few fly forward.
The faithful blind in the divine
their brilliance withered on the vine.

The faithful weak without their crutch
to their god they’ll always clutch.
The others in themselves are strong
on their own two feet they write the wrongs.

In death they will know the truth
as they could not in youth.
Until that time
neither reason nor rhyme
will stay their hand.

Until then though,
the faith will always flow.

This is describing my take on religion/faith and its impacts. If this offends you, I sincerely apologize. Otherwise, enjoy!
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