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violent rioting earns respect... murder a necessary outlet

The French Muslim riots, caused by an uncontrollable reaction to poverty, racism, and a profound sense of alienation from the larger society, have recently inspired some American groups who share very similar grievances, to use mass violence as a means of gaining recognition and respect.

As low income also immediately translates into uncontrollable violence
, the first American neighborhoods to start rioting were the Chinatowns. Realizing that Chinatowns are among the poorest parts of the country, community leaders have encouraged the use of violence to raise the material wealth -- and self-esteem -- of the residents.

Robberies of local merchants soon escalated to beatings of tourists in dim sum restaurants by Chinese waiters who turned the most violent because of their lowest-paid status.

When a waiter in San Francisco's Kum Kau Kitchen tossed hot oil at a pair of dining Jehovah's Witnesses, the other low-pay kitchen employees dragged them out and hung their charred carcasses from a nearby lamppost. "Their poor understanding of English left them no choice other than to kill their customers," mused one of the nearby business owners who cheered their actions. The kitchen manager explained, "Everyone else protests here, so why can't my waiters?"

The reaction of the Jehovah's Witness community has been one of understanding. That is, understanding that they too are victims -- not only of Chinatown massacres, but of society at large. Frustrated with their conventional missionary methods, they turned to wanton destruction of property and the assaults on anyone who was not a Jehovah's Witness. They torch cars, toss bombs at baby carriages, and assault roller skaters -- beating them, and then suffocating them with copies of Watchtower magazines. As a Watchtower spokesperson explained, "Violence has been in our blood since the days of Charles Taze Russell; when we cannot persuade others to convert peacefully, we perform ritual slaughters. Is it too hard to understand that when you are living amongst sinners, you must kill them?" As a result, for the first time in history, the ACLU has officially declared support for a Christian group.

Jehovah's Witnesses rage, in fact, has spread via its missionary channels to other countries. Well-dressed missionaries have been attacking citizens from Togo to Japan, usually with sharp knives. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Saudi Arabia has been encouraging students to saw the heads off local citizens. Or, as a Saudi dignitary put it, "We encourage other cultures and religions to settle here, and now they are turning against us. The Jehovah's Witnesses are just destroying the diverse cultural mosaic of our land."

As every respected social scientist will tell you, any type of deprivation, real or only perceived, leads directly to violence against others. The ability to make choices is removed from the human brain when one is confronted with a slight. At that point, the only possible way of expressing oneself is by physically attacking others.

Taking their lead from the frustrated youth of France, the Pennsylvania Dutch have "found their voice" by burning hundreds of cars in Lancaster PA over the last few nights. The violence has also spread to Bird-in-Hand, Hempfield, and Intercourse, with attacks on police and the looting of 7-Elevens. A few horse-and-buggy details have even gone to Philadelphia, where they expressed their rage in the Philadelphia International Airport. Here, bands of Amish, feeling alienated from the larger society, have been dowsing handicapped passengers with gasoline and then tossing Molotov cocktails at them.

Some observers have been calling this a copycat crime -- based on last month's Hare Krishna "Day of Rage" that shut down Hartsfield Atlanta Airport when members of the sect, livid over being misunderstood by the larger society, firebombed several waiting areas. A University of Pennsylvania Sociology professor said that, "Years ago, it was just harmless cultural misunderstandings, like when they would offer passengers flowers and then slash their throats. But this is what happens when needs are ignored. And as a practical matter, what choice do victims like the Hare Krishnas and Amish have other than to kill people?"

Congress has enacted emergency measures calling for a billion-dollar jobs program for Eastern Pennsylvania, along with a plan to send weapons to the Amish so that they will "feel included in the rest of society." Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) indicated that he would encourage Washington to "be firm," but simultaneously use the opportunity to forge a greater understanding of Amish-Americans. To wit, he is planning to introduce a bill in Congress that will confiscate cars from neighboring states (citing the "Kelo" decision) and transport them to Pennsylvania, so that local Amish community will not run out of vehicles to torch.

According to leading media experts, the feeling of being excluded inevitably translates into violence against others. That is why, apparently, from Brooklyn to West L.A., Orthodox Jews have been on a week-long rampage. Their methods vary, but a common technique is for a dozen youths to cruise through suburbs in an oversized van (or "mitzvah tank"), looking for a brawl.

"They f***ed with my people, so this is payback, see?" says one youth who calls himself Shlomy. "So these motherf****n b****es gonna have their motherf****n p*****s f****d, sh*****d and b***d-h**d by my motherf****n h****s *** ******, know what I'm sayin?" His friend, "Yussie." chimed in, "It's called Jewish law, mother*****r. I tell these b*****s. you don't know what my people went through, so you just shut the f**k up and open up cause I'm gonna f**k you up, b***h."

Everyone is lauding such behavior -- from psychologists ("self-esteem raising") to lawyers ("a true test of the First Amendment") to sociologists ("we can learn from them") to philosophy professors ("who is anyone to pass judgment on anything?") And when anything receives universal approval, then it must be right.

And let's face it, in this country of the so-called "equal opportunity" some people are still older than others. The elderly have every right to lash out at the glaring inequality that permeates our society due to the self-perpetuating age differences. While many others enjoy undeservedly good health and youthful energy, flirt with the opposite sex and make plans for the future, seniors are unfairly deprived of such opportunities.

Sure enough, the American Association of Retired People has issued this statement: "Around the world, every riot is comprised exclusively of young people who have their entire lives ahead of them. They live in countries where they can study what they like, and to pursue any career they want. The so-called "young people" have the time to decide how they want to live and to take their best shot at it. This is happening right before the eyes of the senior citizens who have most of their lives behind them and are often in poor health, being dependent on others, being patronized, being shoved into old-age homes, and losing their dignity. So, the time has come to restore that dignity, and give ourselves a little self-esteem lift. Choose your weapons."

The first incident, outside Carbondale IL, was a mass shooting of motorists on I-57. Then there was an arson attack on a nursery school - leaving behind a note that read, "Now we're all equal." This was followed by dozens of robberies, carjackings, home invasions, shootings, and more shootings. Or, as one elderly female occupant of a nursing home put it, "I don't need my health or strength to set things straight. As long as I've got a working trigger finger, people are gonna learn. They smile at me until they see the gun - then they shit in their pants."

Very often, money is left behind on the victims. Another matronly lady stated, "What are we gonna do with the money, jackass? We're worse off than everyone else, so we just want blood. And if we kill a five-year old, that makes the kid as old as us. Now we don't feel so bad."

Indeed this is irrefutable logic. After all, who is anyone to pass judgment on anything?

for the especially dim: the above is mostly hyperbolic

I've color highlighted the parts most strikingly similar to the French-muslim riots. hmmmm.. delicious
S3nd K3ys
who calls himself Shlomy.


Nice post. Kind of scary too... Wink
Our favorite people wrote that Wink
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