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Comodo On Linux Mint 18.1

Hi, I just want to share it. Anyone using anti-virus in Linux? I do lol. Some people said that you don't need to use anti-virus on Linux but since the software is available might as well use it right?

I think in Linux you don't need antivirus, you just have to be careful with what you install and execute. If you want to free your mind from all of these preoccupations and can do it with a software like that, it is welcome.
We ought to never need antivirus testing in Linux. The distribution's package repositories normally contain all the programs we need, so there is little temptation to get something from a questionable source. There are a few reasons why you might want to scan your system occasionally, though.

1. You might accidentally get a Windows virus which is harmless on your Linux system, but it is nice to avoid accidentally passing it on to a Windows user who could be harmed by it. If you use Wine, that might even be you -- but that sequence does seem unlikely.

2. One of your friends might install something from a random website that shouldn't be trusted. Ideally, that friend should have been using his/her own account or a guest account, without sudo privileges. In real life, maybe it got into your account or you ran it from his account.

3. You are doing development or trying out the newest tool, which is not in the repository. Ok, maybe it's in a PPA, but were you really careful to be sure it's a safe one? Maybe Github or similar site, or you REALLY thought you could trust THIS GUY's site for a direct download, but it just wasn't so ...

Cases 2 and 3 are likely to give you some malware or adware, but actual viruses for Linux are still quite rare in the wild. Linux is just not that attractive a target. This could change if it becomes more popular, even though it is generally harder to infect Linux. If less knowledgeable people use Linux, of course they are likely to think it's "normal" to download stuff from
@SonLight very well said. Thank you.
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