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Stones fresh or old fashioned?

Do u listen to the new record. Its blue.
Do You like such music or do You hate it. Do You prefer young music and what kind of music is better than the Rolling Stones.
And is this CD good or are only the old Stones genious?
I haven't have enough time to listen through it completely, but I have listened a few songs. I have never been a fan of the Rollings, whereas I can say they are objectively good. This new disc seems to be the same as always, and for the fans I guess it's a good thing
same like always.

Do U wanna say like James Bond: Always first quality.
loveandormoney wrote:
Do U wanna say like James Bond: Always first quality.

I don't really know what do you mean here, would you care to explain? Very Happy
Here is an example.

There is ABBA. They produced every year a CD.
We have the BEATLES

and we have the group Chicago.
Also we do know Mozart and Beethoven.
So they all produce music on the same level during their lives.
The question is or the question was. Is this level high or low?

Can You understand it a little bit better now?
Thanks for explaining to me, in my defense, English is not my first language Razz . I hope I have understood your question.

From my point of view, the musical level of the Rolling Stones if pretty high, in terms of composition.
In pure musical ability there are better groups and in experimentation and innovation they were good at first, but later limited themselves.

Do I think their level is high now? I would rate above the average, but also not at the top.
Who is at the top?


Did I understand You right: The Rolling Stones did reach a higher level
but today the records dont have the same quality like 40 years before?
What is or what was the best time of the Stones?
Yes, I enjoy listening to music usually rock and jazz
It is a very subjective thing, but for me, at the top is Lep Zeppelin, because of the innovation, experimentation and general musical quality.
I may be wrong though Very Happy .

As for the best time of the Rolling Stones, I am not very sure.
I recall the old songs being better and trying new things, but I was child and only listened what my parents selected from them.
standready wrote:
Yes, I enjoy listening to music usually rock and jazz

here we go.

What is the fun of music?
Or how it is saild by Oncle Neil: What a beautiful noise.

I know
its a new point in the discussion
but I hope we are free to talk here
without insulting humans

and so the Rolling Stones are played in a room and why not the neighbour answered: " Oh my goodness, cruel apemusic."
loveandormoney wrote:
standready wrote:
Yes, I enjoy listening to music usually rock and jazz
What is the fun of music?

The fun of music is the joy it brings. I actually enjoy preforming music more than listening. That is the art of creating.
Same to us
to play CSNY Teach Your children with 4 guitars is more fun
than to listen to the CD of CSNY.
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