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Question about setting up dual boot-windows xp and mandriva

Hey guys,
I want to mess around with Linux. I am currently using windows xp home on my main hard drive, and I have a slave hard drive sitting around doing nothing. So, I want to make a set up where I can select which OS I want to boot (linux or XP) on boot. Does anyone have any info how I could do this?

Oh and just to clarify: Mandriva has not been set up on the slave yet either. XP is on the master and is currently in use.

Thanks a million!
Try out these steps :

1) Get a bootable linux installation disk.
2) Boot your PC with the linux installation disk.
3) There will be a partition manager provided with the linux installation.
4) Run it & make the linux partitions on the slave HDD. ( linux ext2 or ext3 partition & a swap partition )
5) Select GRUB as your boot manager ( This will prompt you to select your OS on boot). Install GRUB on MBR (Master Boot Record ).
6) Install Linux.
set your slave drive to master temporarily and set to active
install the OS

there's a kit to wire a switch to your case to toggle master between two drives. you can also do it manually
Get a Mandriva Boot CD
boot from it and choose to use your slave as boot partition
Configure the boot loader.
Under linux, primary master is refered to as /dev/hda, and primary slave as /dev/hdb. Boot your PC through Mandriva's installion CD, follow the guided steps and once you reach the stage where the installer asks you to specify the partitions to be used for installing Linux, instruct it to use the primary slave hard disk, i.e. /dev/hdab. You'll have to create a minimum of two partitions, one for the root filesystem(where the OS will be installed) and one swap partition(the virtual memory). After thats done, proceed with the installation. In the end, the installer will ask you to select a bootloader. You'll have two choices, Grub and LILO. Go with grub. Over there you'll have to instruct GRUB to use dual booting. The installer used by Mandriva is well documented. You should have no problems in installing Linux with dual boot.

Wish you all the best.

And by the way, if you want to know how much space to allocate for the swap partition, then here is a answer commonly used. The size of the swap partition should be, The amount of physical memory you have multiplied by 2. For example if you have 256 MB of memory, the swap partition should be 512 MB.
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