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Improving writing skills for blogging

I am wondering if there is a good tutorial or free course out there that would help me improve my writing skills.

As it stands, I can talk (to excess) just fine, however when trying to write an article for a blog, or even a forum post like this I stumble over writing intelligible sentences. Also, not the greatest with punctuation or grammar rules... I jsut kind of try to type it as I think it, then when trying to reword and organize things later I end up at a complete stall sometimes!

So what I'm asking for I guess is some guidelines/tips to follow when writing articles that I want to publish and look somewhat professional. I will definitely accept links to good articles on the same subject, however my recent google results have been more about setting a schedule, how to find inspiration, etc. I already know what I want to write about, articles just end up as a mess of run-on sentences and such.

Any and all tips are very much appreciated.
Hi good evening to you? Have you tried searching from on-line courses? If not I've search for a website which you can find some of the sources in writing. One these website is coursera which I have some experience. I completed a python programming course and luckily gave me the motivation I need to start programming. The assignments and even the hands on exam was good as well as some of the instructor were really good. Please check the link below. It may not be as good as you expected but it may be good enough to start with your chosen career. Good luck.
So, I am someone who has gradually gotten into writing, and I am now a published film critic in one of the national newspapers of India.

Coming from an engineering background, I never imagined I would be writing film reviews some day. I did not have a schedule or a method, neither did I have any training for the same. My grammar is still a little off sometimes.

What helps is reading, and it did not strike me till I got into writing and was pressed with deadlines and editors asking me for more quality content. Then, out of desperation I started reading, I read some pieces by well-known reviewers and realised I had something to say of my own too, in other words I did not agree to some ideas mentioned by them, but I also understood that if I did not articulate it properly, the meaning would be lost and there would be nothing to talk about.

This realisation lead to more in-depth thinking, and gradually flowed into writing. These days I am sometimes impressed by what I write myself. You can read my reviews here.

The other thing that helps a lot is peer review, get your friends to read what you write, ask them for quality feedback, ask them to help by pointing out errors, discontinuities and obvious details. It is really the most helpful thing to do as a writer. Writing and letting it be on the internet is not going to be helpful as the response is very slow and mostly not qualitative enough to inspire any progress.

Good luck with the journey.
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