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Syria and International intervention

What do you think about the role foreign countries are taking in Syria?

What about Europe?
What about Russia?
What about USA?

I am very interested in your opinions about the subject.
I lost interest a long time ago, as I can't understand why the Syria problem hasn't been resolved a long time ago. Like after the years of repeated bombing, what is left to kill or destroy?

What I believe though is that the whole mess started with the US supplying arms to rebel groups long before real war started, so that they could topple Assad from his Presidency. Then Assad as a result asked Russia for help. I guess the relationship between US and Russia is global positioning as a dominant world power in that region.

I refused to believe that Assad was worse than any of the other leaders in the region. Part of helping the rebels to topple Assad was the US using its media to major advantage to make Assad look as bad as possible. Some of it is true, but no less true than the atrocities the rebel groups had been committing. Assad had to keep law and order in the country. Intervention by Europe I still have to figure out. Particularly a year ago when it opened its doors for refugees - like in the millions. I'd have thought it would have been much cheaper and less harmful to the refugees if Syria could have been sorted out. There must be something else behind all of this, with Merkel of the European Union playing a leading role.

What is also difficult to stomach is Europe helping the destruction in Syria along. Like it's a real mess, and all of the US, Europe and Russia will have to take responsibility for what happened. Have to wonder though how many refugees Russia has taken.
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