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Doom RPG cellphone game

This game is alot of fun. It's an RPG (ie: you have an inventory, and stats such as defense, strength, agility and accuracy, plus there's money for buying stat upgrades and equipment) set in the Doom dungeons. All the monsters are there and they look great. A turn based system makes combat possible. Thankfully the screen doesn't change into a stupid combat screen like alot of other games out there. The levels are really well designed, there are lots of secret passages, and plenty of puzzles (usually involving getting information out of civilians or computer terminals). As for difficulty level, the game is challenging but it's not tooooo hard.

Anyhow, for $5.99 (Tmobile price, other places may have it for cheaper) the game is a must buy if your a fan of the Doom and Diablo serieses.
First I have to get a new cell phone but Ill probably get it in the end.
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