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How long before a request for a free website is activated?

Hi there. I'm just wondering how long do I have to wait before I get my free website?
I did notice your application, but am not quite sure what your longer term intentions are with posting for the hosting account. Purpose of the hosting is to get people to join the community and make posts for the longer term. Are you intending to post for the longer term?
Yes. I am happy and keen to be part of Frihost community. The problem is how? One of the other threads kinda admitted that it's not as active as it should be and it's not easy, as a newcomer, to know where our how to fit in. There are not that many active threads. I contributed a few suggestions on how to make Frihost more accessible to newbies like me but my suggestions doesn't seem to be useful to you guys. Honestly, there are not enough threads that I feel I can contribute to and the ones that I did contribute to didn't seem to value my comments.

So, yes, I'm really interested in Python programming and want to be part of this community. Where do you think I can be most useful?

For example, only three of the threads I posted in had responses. There was no movement at all in the rest. Where is the action? It seems pointless posting randomly just to stay active. It's like I've visited a new city and there's no one around. The place is big, like a city, not a village, but relatively uninhabited, like a village.

I've made some suggestions but they don't seem to be good ones. So, OK, you guys think the website is as good as it can be. How can I participate?

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I applied for hosting back in 2007 when FriHost was somewhat more active. I think it took about a week for my hosting to be approved, and I was fairly active in surfing around the forums and contributing... it took a bit longer before I was starting my own topics.

You're right, the forum, and forums in general, are not as active as they had been in years past; that's the march of the internet... and the post-to-host model hasn't kept up with that march. That said, it's still the model that the site owner is using, and, honestly, is a mighty small price to pay for server/hosting access. There are faster, better options out there, but to get better than is offered here (from my experience) will involve pulling out your credit card.

The FriHost forums are old, they're large, and they're heavily customized. Suggestions are welcome, but only a few are ever implemented. Even when the site owner was more heavily involved, he picked and chose what suggestions to implement carefully, and generally scripted the changes himself. Further changes always have to be balanced against the difficulty of integration with the existing code, what impacts it might have on other existing elements of the database, the time that will be required to develop and troubleshoot them, and the benefit of their proper implementation. Changing an existing structure isn't as easy as building a new one Wink

As for contributing and integrating, do what you can. Find what interests you and make contributions. If you don't find anything, create it. I know it can be tough to integrate sometimes, and that our interests don't always align with the general community very well... I'm a biologist, and I've attempted to generate several discussions on those topics with almost zero success. But, there's definitely no success without an effort... the community is built upon people making an effort.

(Yes, things move slowly these days, that's recognized and understood. Be patient)

Hosting account has been created. Please check PM in your Inbox for hosting details.

Please note that the hosting account is on Server 1 and not Server 4. Server 4 has been discontinued a few months ago and the owner unfortunately hasn't had time to update the account details for it in our Forum Panel yet.
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