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forums on frihost sites?

I want to install a forum on my site such as phpBB, which I understand is part of Fantistico. In Cpanel, I have not found any way to do this.
There is no automatic installer for phpBB. No Softaculous or Fantastico. You will need to upload the script which is easy to do.

Suggest you navigate to phpBB, download the zipped folder to your computer. Extract the files. Then re-zip only the files inside the phpBB main folder so you don't get an extra folder when you upload them.

Create a database user and database in cpanel. Make notes of the password and details.

Then use your File Manager of cPanel to navigate to the root of the domain you want to use. Upload the zipped folder. Unzip it inside the File Manager.

Navigate to the domain, and there should be a phpBB set up page to prompt you through the installation.
I have recently heard that Drupal includes an installer for phpBB. However, as I recall, Drupal was not in CPanel directly but in Fantistico. (I just had to reinstall XAMPP and am planning to try out a few different CMSs, including Drupal.) I think I can just implement the Drupal framework on my computer and upload it to my site, but for phpBB I will try your suggestion.

It was my understanding that bulletin boards are not allowed on our sites, or at least some versions like VBulletin. I remember reading an announcement from Bondings to that effect.
Auto installers are not included in frihost directadmin panel due to avoid unwanted abuse of cpu and system load. but still you can install phpbb or any other php based free forum script in frihost. If you are more traiff than consider about hosting phpbb in a vps or dedicated server.
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