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anyone here do boating as a hobby?

Does anyone here do boating as a hobby? The website I am building will be on boating safety. I will also be looking for moderators and suggestions on subject areas.
I have done boating with my friends but it was like a hobby. Good to see gathering community.
The rules of boating - like keeping the red light buoy on the right of the boat when coming into a harbor. Keeping the green light buoy on your right when leaving a harbor. Things like the rules are the same for every vessel on the water.

When it comes to boating there are sail boats and power boats and the rules for each can vary.

Like Power Boats need to obey speed and wake rules keeping their speed and the associated wake down in harbors and high traffic areas. Sail boats do not need to pay attention to this because typically they can't go fast enough to exceed speed limits or make a large wake in their path!

Personally I am a sail boater and learning to sail involves a lot more than just starting an engine and going forward, backward, slow or fast. A person has to learn about a tack, a reach, running, how to come about, how to jibe, and things that are needed to propel a boat with the wind rather than a prop and an engine!

Plus on a sail boat you need to watch out for the boom when coming about or jibing! So sail boats entail a little more safety knowledge than power boats if you ask me!
These days almost all of my boating is for work, and almost entirely canoeing.
I have spent a bit of time in my youth rowing about the local large saltwater lake in a small rowboat, and occasionally sailing, or cruising around in a speedboat, but that's largely just in the past.
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