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What do you think of China?

Rolling Eyes China is a what country
Soon to be rulers of the world (or at least that is what they would like you not to think)
China is not only big but it has enormous cultural heritage that not many people know about. We know about the stereotypical view of the Chinese, the old bearded philosopher, the martial artist, but really knowing about their cultural struggle nowadays, in a duality between ancient times and current times, it's really an amazing country.

I also find it interesting that there are so many people in the country that lives are not worth as much as they would be if it were smaller. There's a person for every job, every kind of difficult and dangerous job, because the competition is too great for everyone to be satisfied.

I also like modern Chinese literature. Wuxia, Xianxia. I read many online light novels translated from Chinese to English on sites like I find that the view that Chinese youngsters hold of the world is quite interesting and very original compared to the west.
Ratanegra - that is an interesting post, I should check out their site!

From what I understand and what I have seen Chinese industry practices a thing called predatory manufacturing. This is where the start manufacturing a inexpensive poor quality knock off, and then tell the manufacturer that if they do not outsource their manufacturing to them they will flood the market with cheap knock offs and dilute their name and share.

Additionally from what I understand - the products that they produce for their own country are vastly superior to what they produce to export. So in essence they do know how to produce a top quality product they just don't export it!

Living in the USA and having to deal with Target, Walmart, Sears, JC Penny, Kohls, and the other department stores my only complaint about China:

If the want to take over the worlds manufacturing - GREAT - I just sure wish they would do a better job of it because the crap I buy from them is junk.

When comes to tools - you don't save me any money when I have to buy it twice - or three, four, five times!

But I guess that's the point huh? You don't make any money making a shovel that lasts for 20 years now do you????
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