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Havings issues with wordpress

So I finally decided to try out wordpress but it's been giving me issues from the start.

I unpacked the archive and uploaded it to my hosting here on frihost.
Set up the database, added the needed info to wp-config and ran the install script.

Everything works fine, I can add content but none of the wp-admin pages seem to work.

Ik keep getting an error telling me that the connection wzs reset or no ouput was returned.

I get this on plugins and themes.

Permissions seem to be good and I don't have a clue as to whats wrong here
Glad to see you using Frihost space. WordPress installs very easy, and one shouldn't have a problem. I'm almost certain it is because the php version is so old on Server 3. The server is still on 5.2.

Other possibilities are:

1. Browser issues - can you check whether you still have the same problem with a different browser - also see whether when you kill cache that it may solve the problem?

2. Start a new database, import the old one into it. Fix the user info in it as well as the new domain name in the database. Start a new up to date WP script, connect it up with the new database, copy the archive wp content and include folders to the new installation.

If you want me to create space for you on Server 1, please PM me. Let me know what the primary domain is that you want me to set you up with. If you like it we can then change your account to Server 1. Although your Server 3 Account will technically still be available as Bondings is the only one who has access to the account. If you prefer the one on Server 1 then maybe you can do the necessary precautions for emptying the account on Server 3 so it's hack proof. WordPress is a hacker's dream once the script is out of date and has been sitting unattended for a long time.

PS: I was able to reset your points - but not from where they should have been listed to work with. I found the request for the reset by accident. And then reset it. However I don't have access to Server 3 to change anything. Only Bondings can change the information.
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