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Pronunciation of J in Spanish

Hello, I'm hoping there are some Spanish talking people around, or someone else who knows Spanish pretty well.

When learning Spanish years ago I was taught that J is pronounced ... not sure how to describe it in English ... a bit similar to the sound of someone clearing his throat, I guess.

Later in my life I have heard people say Mexican food related words like Fajita and Jalapeño with the J pronounced as an H.

I'm wondering if these people are simply wrong or if this is a difference between Spain Spanish and Mexican Spanish? Anyone knows?
It sounds like a strong H

This Spanish lady describes it as the sound of a coffeemaker.

Maybe I shouldn't be having this discussion in English because in my own language (Swedish) there are other letter combinations that I think gives a sound closer to a Spanish J than H does. For me an H (not a Spanish H) lets the air flow more freely while with a Spanish J you have the back of the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth.

But this is a bit besides the point. In both our videos you have to agree it doesn't sound exactly like the normal English H sound. Is this also how they pronounce it in Mexico? Do English speaking people pronounce Fajita and Jalapeño the way they do just because it's easier for them? If I pronounce these words with a proper Spanish pronunciation of J would I be wrong in doing so?
In an English-speaking context, The "better" choice, or more commonly heard, would depend on how much the words had been Anglicized. To me, I would prefer (and probably pronounce) fajita as a heavy-breath h, like in Spanish, jalapeno i would pronounce and expect to hear a normal English h. That said, it can't be wrong to say it in Spanish as long as it's still recognized as a Spanish word.
As an Spanish speaker, the video of Peterssidan has a more natural and better pronunciation. If I would have to describe the sound, I would say it is like a pipe leaking gas or like a coffemaker as suggested
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