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Is my videocard dead?

PC specs:

    CPU: Core i7 6700k
    MOBO: Asus Maximus VIII Extreme
    GPU: Geforce GTX Titan X 12gb gddr5
    RAM: Corsair 32gb 2133mhz
    PSU: Corsair AX860i
    Cooling: Corsair H100i


Whenever I boot, it has no display. Asus q_code is b2 which stuck at boot. Not sure if my PSU can't supply enough to my GPU or my GPU has defects?

Solutions I already tried:

1. Onboard - works via HDMI
2. Clear bios and use only 1x8gb stick - did not work if video card installed
3. Use another PSU (but lower watts 550), did not work either
4. Remove CMOS - did not work
5. Reseat RAM, HDD/SDD, GPU, PSU cables - did not work

PS: This pc is just brandnew and bought 4 months ago. The past issues I had before this is when I got auto-shutdown randomnly and sometimes it does not boot and have to reseat the RAM. Sometimes I got boot loop too but never often.

Have you been keeping an eye on the videocard temperature? If it has been too high it could have been damage because of that.
Da Rossa
At first I would say I would recommend you to do everything you already did. But then I got suspicious about the overall load on your PSU. Googling for the exact phrase you got, I saw this:

Hello there,

Just got a new Maximus VI Hero MB and I still haven't been able to make it boot. It starts what looks like the POST cycle but whatever I do it gets stuck at q-code b2, which according to the manual is "legacy option ROM initialization".

I've read other threads of people complaining of vaguely similar problems so I tried what was suggested there - clearing the CMOS memory (didn't help), flashing the BIOS (ditto), removing all USB peripherals that might cause trouble - i have a Razr keyboard and a Mad Catz mouse which I suppose are pretty non-standard, but nothing changed with all USB ports freed up - still stuck at b2.

I also read somewhere that the first boot ever may take longer than usual on these MBs, although I completely fail to see why, but a shower, a shave and a grocery shopping later it was still proudly displaying b2 and very determinedly not booting.

Am I doing something spectacularly stupid? (wouldn't be the first time)

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestion will be welcome

Thanks in advance


Turns out the problem was insufficient power to the video card (Nvidia 780). Once that was fixed the system booted without any problems. The q-code is pretty misleading however
That's quite a PC. Is it overclocked, by chance? If it is, there might be some issues with that.

Nevertheless, it does sound like the graphics card is the culprit, considering you have had success using the onboard chip. The one other thing I would attempt is using a different PCI-E slot.

The power supply could definitely be an issue, but an AX860i is quite high end and shouldn't have any problem running your system. The fact that another PSU didn't work either again seems to suggest the issue might not the PSU (although you'd want at least 600 watts for a Titan X). Are the PCI-E x6 power connectors on tightly? Would you happen to have a multimeter on you?

If the PC is only 4 months old, there should be a warranty on it. Some of your issues make me wonder if you ended up with a bad motherboard. I would guess the graphics card is the culprit in this case, though. I don't suppose you have another PC to plug the card into to test?
Thanks for all of your response.

I ended up going to near comp shop and have it tested the GPU and guess what, same issue. So now I have to wait for a month as I went for RMA.
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