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who makes beta speakers - logitech, creative or tdk?

i'm thinking of gettign new speakers for my pc - 2.1 stereo
does any1 hav any suggestions on which brandprovides better quality but at an acceptable price?
Does anybody even have all 3?
If not, how can they tell you which is best?
What if the best is one other than these 3?
I use a panasonic stereo system that has input jacks: I just had to get an adapter for the plugs.

I found the beta speakers you're looking for, they are made by infinity
Beta speakers
Just click this link.
I've never beta tested speakers. How'd you get into that?
i don't have that much experience with different speakers, but i'd say you'd get value for money if you bought the T-amp (just google) and two average speakers.
lol good one gonzo

hmm.. with regards to what ocalhoun has said, what you'll get from most people here or anwhere else for that matter will be personal opinions(unless if they are experienced or are shaman's of speakers). Try googling for reviews? I used creative inspire 2.1 for over two years and I was very much happy with them(again, this is just my personal opinion). Now I am using creative 5.1 speakers
Creative! Very Happy Shocked Very Happy Shocked Very Happy Shocked

But I live Boston or JBL Razz
Boles Roor
I've found that Logitech usually gives the best quality.
Well, it depends on what you plan to use it for. If you want your speakers to sound good for gaming or hard rock music, altec lansing would be your best choice as the sub-woofer is built to produce stronger bass.

But if you just want it for quality easy listening, Creative speakers are your best choice. I'm not sure about creative speakers but I can introduce a few good ones to you.

Creative's I-Trigue 3200 is consider a low end one which cost only $80
I-Trigue L3450 is consider and mid range speaker which cost $130
I-Trigue 3600 is consider a high end one which cost $150

I-Trigue 3200 and L3450 speaker have micro titanium drivers where as for I-Trigue 3600 has NeoTitanium Micro Drivers. They produces clearer sounds and a bass which doesn't hum as much as altec's sub-woofers.

But if you're planning to get a set of good speakers, consider getting a good sound card too.

I myself am using a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA sound card and a Creative P7800 7.1 Speaker. The sound produced are just sweet. Laughing
Bose speakers, awsome quality but berry expensive.
Altec Lansing ones have great quality but are expensive.
thnx for the ideas
i got creative itrigue 3400's now after testing them in-store

btw to watsername, 'beta' speakers - better speakers; not beta testing
I use creative travel sound speakers. I use them with my latop to get better sound with movies I use them with my MP3 player and I even plug them into an adaptor and use them with my desktop PC.
Do like I did, don't use PC speakers, hook it up to your home theatre system! I get way better sound quality than with my old speakers and I didn't pay a thing fo it!
I have some Monsoon speakers which are decent. At home I have Altec Lansing, which to me sound better. I love my friend's Klipsch Speakers, awesome stuff! If you get speakers that are THX approved they good speakers. THX has high standards for sound.
i have edifer computer speakers (they are a company out of canada) and they are wonderful. The best part about them is that they are wood not plastic. But they cost a 100 and so i second davmcmul in suggesting that you just get a t-amp ($30) and use existing or cheap goodwill speakers.
I thought Softwares are on Beta Stage... now Hardware tooo....


How should i sign up for new Intel Processor Beta Testing group :p....

I have creative. Its good. I have heard that
Bose is really good and reputed brand in speakers.
I think Creative speakers and sub woofers are good.
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