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What are your favourite podcasts?

In the past year I've taken to listening to podcasts while at work and/or driving. It started with listening to Hello Internet on Youtube while playing games, and eventually bubbled over to just going straight for the podcast without the Youtube delay, and branching out into related shows.

What are you listening to regularly? What do you recommend?
I seem to be listening to a lot of (Apple) tech and productivity related podcasts, gaming, and science-based content. Some of my favourites include:
.: Hello Internet - CGPGrey and Brady Heran talk about... stuff
.: Cortex - CGPGrey and Myke Hurley talk about workflow and... stuff
.: Accidental Tech Podcast - Software development, Apple stuff and the like
.: The Independent Characters - Warhammer 40,000 gaming talk
.: HeelanHammer - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar gaming talk
.: Dear Hank & John - Hank and John Green blabbity blah'ing
.: Reasonably Sound - Mike Rugnetta talks about... mostly sound.
.: Song Exploder - music artists break down one of their songs; it's writing, production, etc.
There are many others, but that's a recommended sample. I'm finding that discovering good game and music related podcasts is somewhat difficult, though there are many in those categories. Ditto for science-based shows; it's hard to find entertaining content that's also educational.

As for how I listen, Ive been using Overcast since about February, moving over from the native iOS Podcast app.

Cool list.

Right now what I am listening to is ...

Serial - - Very good podcast about a tennager that went missing and later appear dead. A reporter takes on the case and tries to figure out if the guy that is convicted for it was really the killer ...

Planet Money - - Nice series of 30 minute episodes discusing topics related with busines, economics and every day life in an entertaining, and insightful way

NPR TED RAdio Hour - - Every week they take a topic and explore it by selected several TED talks that relate to the topic and going trough parts of those talks and interviewing the speakers.

And that's what I am listening to these days. I hope it inspires you and lots of people to try these, they are quite cool.
I've heard good things about Planet Money, but haven't checked it out yet; I should soon Wink
I've got some reservations about checking out TED Radio... I've found the content quality of TED Talks in recent years to have gone way down hill, to the point that I almost never click on one these days. Not sure I could willingly subject myself to more Smile
Da Rossa
My podcast of choice is Nerdcast, but it's brazilian.
Nerd topics, but they actually talk about every aspect of life. It's been over 550 1-hour+ casts since 2006.[/url]
I have a friend that has a very long drive to work and listens to various podcast.
I don't know when I could find the time to listen.
standready wrote:
I don't know when I could find the time to listen.

That's the thing. I almost never just listen to a podcast; I put one on while I'm driving, while I'm at work doing anything at the computer, while I'm engaging in several of my hobbies, sometimes while playing video games... they're an accessory to some other activity that's keeping me occupied. They kinda fill the space in the back that radio, background TV or the like might fill.
The public TV has here a wonderful podcast. Music and good information. Good for people
who live around the stations.
Snap judgment, Invisibilia, Planet money, and Radiolab are my favs.
I've also picked up:
.: Heavyweight - explorations of a subject that weighs heavily upon a guest of each episode; they and the host try to get to the bottom of it and find resolution.
.: You Are not so Smart - mostly psychology topics; and a cookie at the end.
and a couple others; I'll edit when I get home... or tomorrow.
because I have some bad sleep problems I started listening to podcasts when I go to bed, gonna have to check some of these out thanks
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