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The 2016 Olympic Games Thread

I'm surprised no one has created a thread about the olympic games that are taking place in Rio, Brazil, right now.

I find many odd sports interesting when it comes to the olympics, not everything but I can often enjoy watching people from my country (Sweden) compete. Unfortunately it's a commercial television network that got the rights to show the olympic games here this year which means commercial breaks and much less coverage. The time zone difference for me is 5 hours which is not optimal for me because many things is in the middle of the night (especially the finals).

When it comes to team sports both the football and the handball tournaments has started. I'm not too excited about the men's football because it's not the real national teams (all except three players must be born in 1993 or later). It's the first time in many years that Sweden has a men's team in the olympics but it's not even the best team because players prioritze club play (or the clubs don't let them). The women's tournament is much more interesting and so far the Sweden team has won against South Africa (1-0) and lost against the home nation Brazil (5-1). Brazil sure looks good so far and could probably win the whole tournament. In the men's handball tournament the German team beat Sweden in a close game. Our best defender got three 2 min. suspensions and was not allowed to play for the last 20 minutes or so. Not that surprising though because he's often among the most suspended player in tournaments. On the positive side there was a new player that I had never seen before that made a lot of penalty goals. For the Swedish women it looks better with two wins so far.

Another team sport is rugby that is new to this year's olympic games. I just watched the women's bronze and gold match last night. It was interesting, but a bit confusing (I'm not used to watching rugby). The matches seemed to be very short, but I guess it's a very intensive game and they wouldn't have enough energy to play much longer. It looks a bit silly when they kick the ball no distance (I mean literally 0 cm) and then the same person picks it up and starts running. Razz I guess I just have to get used to it. Well done Australia for winning the gold!

The cycling road race for both men and women has taken place. I don't usually watch cycling because I don't like them working as a team. I find it more exciting if it's purely individuals because otherwise it's too much luck what kind of team mates you have, and I think you should always try to optimize your own performance, not someone else performance, except in pure team sports. I watched much of the women's race anyway because it had a Swede with good chance of a medal. It looked like Annemiek van Vleuten from the Netherlands was going to win but in the tricky downhill section she fell in what looked like a serious crash. That put Mara Abbott from The USA in the lead but with less than a kilometer to go three cyclists past her. Despite the crash, the netherland got a the gold medal anyway, thanks to Anna van der Breggen who was first over the finish line, closely followed by Emma Johansson from Sweden and Elisa Longo Borghini from Italy. Emma looked a bit disappointed when she crossed the line but she said later that she had already experienced winning an olympic silver medal (2008) and not winning an olympic medal (2012), and of these two, winning a medal feels much better.

What more? Swmming I guess... The finals are often in the middle of the night but apparently Sarah Sjöström got Sweden's first gold medal by winning the 100 m butterfly in a new world record time. The table tennis tournament has also started but all Swedes are already out, but there is still the men's team torunament to hope for.

Today (9 August) I don't know if I'm going to watch anything. I would like to watch Egypt-Sweden in the men's handball, and Sweden-China in the women's football but then I would have to be up all night so I probably won't.
Since last post I have watched the Swedish handball team for men play another two matches. They lost both of them. I don't think they played bad, just didn't win. Now they are last in the group so winning the two games might not be enough. Brazil is a surprise. Didn't think they would be this good with two wins out of three so far.

Đoković is out of the tennis tournament so that leaves Murray and Nadal as favorites. Maybe Del Potro who knocked out Đoković could also be a candidate for the gold. I have heard he played well in that match. Haven't watched much of the men's tennis yet but I saw parts of Murray's game against some Italian player. Murray had some trouble in the middle of the game but sorted it out and won the game in the end.

The swimming finals are too late for me to watch but I'm happy for Sarah Sjöström that have taken another two medals (a silver and bronze) for Sweden. She's still got one medal chance in the 50 m freestyle event.

The men's golf has started. Many of the best players are not participating but I'm holding my thumbs for Henrik Stenson just because he's a Swede. He won the British Open Championship just a few weeks ago so I have good hopes for him. After the first day he's in shared second place.

The athletics (tack and field) events start today. The events that I'm looking forward the most are the men's long jump, men's 1500 m, women's 100 m hurdle and men's javelin. In long jump I'm looking forward to see Michel Tornéus (SWE) and Greg Rutherford (GBR) again. I think Rutherford has the greater chances. Tornéus manage to jump 8.44 not too long ago but that was on high altitude and with perfect conditions and he has not shown great form after that. Unfortunately there is no Swede in the 1500 m event but I'm looking forward to watch Filip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen (NOR). Javelin is always fun watching (if they show anything), the Finns vs. the rest (including some Swedes). The reason I'm looking forward to 100 m hurdles is because Susanna Kallur (SWE) are back from many years of injuries. I hope she could make it to the finals but I suspect that will be very difficult.
The women's football tournament is really getting interesting. The Swedish team drew against China in the last group match, leaving them third in the group. That put them up against the defending champion USA. In that match USA had most of the play but it was Sweden who scored the first goal on a counter attack. USA eventually scored a goal and the match went into extra time (2x30 min). Both teams had a goal denied by the referee. First it was USA that headed the ball into the net but the referee didn't allow it, I think because she had brought down a Swedish defender. In less than a minute Sweden scores a goal but the referee calls offside, which it clearly was not (The referee had a bit of trouble with the offside rule in this match). No legal goals in extra time so the match had to be decided by penalty shoot-out which Sweden eventually won. The goal keeper of USA clearly tried to get the last Swedish penalty taker out of balance by walking away to change gloves, but that obviously didn't help. In the semifinal Sweden will meet Brazil. These teams met already in the group stage but I hope for a different game this time. Wink

Justin Rose (GBR) made a good third round with two eagles and leads the men's gold after 3 out of 4 days with 12 under par. Henrik Stenson (SWE) has been more even over the days and is currently in second place with 11 under par. Marcus Fraser (AUS) made an excellent first round but the rounds has become gradually worse but he's still in third place with 9 under par. They will soon go out on the final round. Good luck Stenson! Very Happy

A few notes on the athletics events:
  • Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia won 10 000 m in a new world record time of 29 minutes and 17 seconds.
  • Usain Bold was first in his heat but his body language doesn't look as confident as usual.
  • Sweden's Michel Tornéus failed to qualify for the long jump final. The final was won by Jeff Henderson (USA) with 8:38. Greg Rutherford ended up on third place.
  • Mo Farah fell in the 10 000 m final but won the gold anyway.

There are a lot that could be written about the olympics but I don't have time. The last round of the men's golf has already started ...
At last the Swedish team in the men's handball won a match, against Brazil, but it's too late. If only they had won the match against Egypt ...

No luck for Sweden in the golf either. Justin Rose played better than Stenson on that last hole and won the first olympic gold medal in golf since 1904.

Del Potro' played some great tennis in this tournament winning against both Djokovic and Nadal but in the final Murray (the defending champion) was able to put an end to his success.

A lot of world records are being beaten in the Athletics. First it was Ayana in the women's 10 000 m. Wayde van Niekerk from South Africa was able to beat Michel Johnson's classic world record at 400 m. In the women's hammer throw Anita Włodarczyk were able to improve her own world record by more than one meter.
Nowadays they do talk about Rio.
And all people say
it was a catastrophe.
Was it really so much bad?
So it was a mistake to organize the games in Rio.
Do You have the same opionion like the newspapers?
There was a lot of talk before the Rio Olympics too. I don't know if it was a mistake. You should ask the Brazilians because they are the ones who has to pay the price. I don't think there is anything major to complain about when it comes to the sporting side of it.
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