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One level deeper reading

One level deeper reading
Do You
Does andybody

read in the meaning

go into the cave of the author and understand or try to understand
what the author is saying.

Two examples.

Beatles Song

I love and I act like a clown
so the second meaning is
I laugh and there is a second meaning for acting also
so every word bei Lennon and his friends has two or more meanings:

I read the news o boy Day in the life.

Or a story from Europe:

The Song of the Nibelungs

The song does show
how to destroy every family.

And if You compare a destroyed family nowadays
the same situaton like Brunhild and her family.

Like Tantalus oder Sisifos.

Who does like to explore words?

Second question:

Do You like to ask questions in daily life?
My first thought reading this is, how many levels of meaning do your posts have? One possibility would be none, since your messages are sometimes confusing, but I know that's seldom true, as I do find a lot in many of them.

Back to the topic.

Beatles songs are known to have many double meanings. But then that is common to any good art.

I tend to remember things like "I buried Paul" (heard when played backward, if I remember correctly) and Paul being out of step on the album cover. But most of their double entendres were either censored or they went over my head, I'm afraid.

As for the Nibelungs, I assume you refer to Wagner's "Ring" cycle, but you might be referring to some derivative work. Wagner's work is without doubt highly artistic, with many subtle shades of meaning. I find the most important result of experiencing art of that caliber is that I come to understand something about human nature, usually how awful and how wonderful we are at the same time.
Current time Shakespeare readers tend to appoint many meanings to each utteration in his writings. For example, in college we studied his sonnets and in one he mentioned the word "willy". The professor spent some time describing the different meanings that Shakespeare could have put into the word. We had agreed beforehand that finding the real intention is impossible, since the author is dead, so all we can do is approximate and also add meanings that could exist in today's world if the writer's culture had been the same. This kind of criticism is very often found in the LGBT community, where they take ancient texts and try to read deeper into them, trying to find second meanings that could imply sexual anormalities.
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