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In case you haven't heard, Roy Keane and Man U have agreed to terminate Keane's contract six months early to allow him to sign a long term deal with another club.

While it was van Nistelrooy's amazing scoring ability that got me interested in the club, it is Keane's tremendous leadership and hard work that I have always enjoyed watching.

Throughout his career, Keane was a ballistic missile, a freight train, and a field general all in one. I don't think any footballer in the last decade and a half personifies the term "dominance" more than Roy Keane has.

I will be sad to see him go and I hope Manchester United can fill the center midfield void, but there is and will always be one and only one Roy Keane. There may be new center midfielders that will do great things, but you just can't replace a Roy Keane.
I was quite shocked to read that Keano had quit in the BBC website. With Michael Ballack indicating he'd prefer Real Madrid, the search for Roy's replacement becomes harder. Players like Alan Smith might be able to fill his position in the future, but ManU needs to find an experienced midfield general to guide the younger players and lend the much needed drive on the pitch.

Is it finally going to be Patrick Vieira ? Will Juve let him go ? Will ManU be able to afford him ? Will he be able to get along with Ruud ?
The club is going backwards fast
yea.. it's was pretty surpise for me... i didn't thoungt that kean will quit from Manchester... and it's pretty sad after his donate.. but.. it's the way of the football.. to many surpises..
I've read in Spain that Man Utd is thinking in Aldo Duscher (argentinian defensive midfielder playing in Deportivo La Coruna) for replacing Roy Keane.

I can tell you that Roy Keane is like 10 millions times better than Duscher and even now, at the end of his career. Duscher only knows how to tackle and being a dirty player in the pitch. Believe me, there should be much better options for Man Utd than this.
When hearing that Ballack might be going to Madrid one hack wrote that the "upshot" of that might be Tomas Gravesen going to United. Its a sad state of affairs when United are content on replacing Keane with Gravesen.
Heh, Duscher... his claim to fame ? Breaking David Beckham's metatarsal Smile

And Thomas Gravesen, well he was flop in the Premiership previously too IIRC.

Who do you think ManU should get to teach Alan Smith how to do half the job that Keano used to do for us ?

My bet, Patrick Vieira. The guy is a villain for ManU fans Smile, but let's not forget that he is quite near to Keane. In fact the only reason ManU won 8 titles and Arsenal only 2 is that Vieira isn't Keane and Arsenal generally had poorer squads than ManU. But he's good, committed and wants to come to ManU (Of course there's his history of wanting to come to ManU, and then backing off, but that was when Keano was here).

He's 29, give him a four year deal, let Smith mature under his guidance and then give him a farewell. We need an experienced midfield general
Most Manchester United supporters demand immediate success so I think the club will definitely go out and try to get a guy like Ballack, but I personally don't think that that's the right move even if it may help the club in the short term.

I am delighted by the progress that I've seen from Alan Smith and Darren Fletcher and both of them have the capabilities to be great center midfielders. I think that this transfer season, they should just back off the market. I know the rest of the supporters won't like it, but I think they should give Smith and Fletcher a chance to develop in midfield for the rest of the season. Maybe not if they still have a chance to win any trophy this year, but if by the time the transfer market is open, the season is a lost cause, then they should definitely leave those two in to develop. At least until the summer transfer market opens.
Keane sucks.. all he does is destory people's careers by injuring them.. Like Alf Inge Haaland
1day wrote:
Keane sucks.. all he does is destory people's careers by injuring them.. Like Alf Inge Haaland

And ?

Is there anyone else ?

Grow up man, People like you will claim that Maradona sucks because he scored the "Hand of God" goal, Best sucks because he drank, etc. Don't be a pile of steaming shit.
I was very shocked to read that Keano had quit.
I think the search for Roy's replacement becomes harder.
Players like Alan Smith might be able to fill his position in the future,
but he still need someone to guide him to play in this position.
Finally Keane's been hired by Celtic Glasgow. There were rumours that R.Madrid was interested in him, but finally he moved to Scotland.

Please, if Man Utd supporters or managers are reading this... DON'T HIRE DUSCHER... it's really an average player. He plays in Deportivo and is much better Sergio, the other spanish midfielder, than him.

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