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Possible budget gaming computer for $400 or less?

My current computer is really old, but it works for almost everything I want to do with it. Unfortunately, I like to play games, and I'm currently stuck with my xbox 360, because my dell doesn't have a graphics card, and it wouldn't run the games I want to run even if I put a graphics card in it. I would like to play Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, maybe Battlefront, Black Ops 3, and Battlefield 1 (in a few months). I won't be able to play most, if any of those games on my Xbox 360, and probably no future releases since Microsoft stopped making it.

I could get a new console for $300 (I think) but there are a few things I don't like about consoles. The price point is pretty good for my budget, but that's about the only good thing I can think of. It seems like every time a new console is released it is not backwards compatible with the games that you already had. I heard Microsoft and Sony are changing this, but I don't really trust them that much at this point. I don't like having to pay an additional monthly charge to play online. I don't like the inability to upgrade my console (yes, you could possibly upgrade the hard drive, but that's about it, as far as I know). I also prefer a keyboard and mouse, especially for strategy games and first person shooters.

So when I was looking around at cheap PCs with the potential for gaming, I found the HP Envy 700-406 desktop for under $400 to be a good possibility. It uses the AMD A10 APU, so I could do some gaming without any upgrades. And then I can save up a little for a dedicated graphics card for a better gaming experience. Unfortunately, a search for reviews on this exact model turns up nothing. I might have enough money this month to get it, so I thought I would ask for some opinions on here before I get it.
I've watched some videos recently about using older Xeon workstations for budget gaming. I haven't tried this yet, but the price/performance is probably even better this way. Of course, I won't be getting a brand new computer, but the CPU should be even faster than the APU. It looks like I can get a 6 core Xeon Dell Workstation with 12 GB ram for less than $300. Then I can put a graphics card in it. I won't have enough this month, but the AMD RX 480 should be released and it's starting at $199. The only workstation I've had was an HP P4 workstation, which actually worked pretty well, but I didn't realize the memory was really expensive for it.

Here is what I was looking at:
Both are viable options.

The A10 does have awesome built in GPU for gaming performance. Just make sure to dual channel the RAM otherwise the built in GPU gets a 50% performance hit. At maximum speed (2133Mhz?) DDR3 RAMsticks at dual channel the APU for the A10 can be as fast as a Radeon 6670.

Also yes you will get awesome performance out of Xeons, the only caveat I can say about server desktops is that you will eventually have some sort of fitting problems because you are combining desktop and server hardware, but if you are proficient in DIY stuff (Like creating and patching holes in computer systems) you can solve it.
Where are you living in ? Prices depend on location. But I also recommend AMD APUs. Not the perfect fps monster but you will play a lot of games smoothly Wink
After I posted this Microsoft announced the version of the Xbox One is coming out in August, starting at $299. Now, I would have preferred to get a new computer instead, but still have the option of getting one in (hopefully) near future, especially if I can make a Xeon work or find another good price on an A10 system. But my current computer is pretty much incapable of gaming, due to no graphics card, and with a dual core CPU, 32 bit version of Windows, and a 300 watt (might even be less than 300) PSU, it wouldn't help a great deal to throw in a graphics card.

I have my issues with consoles, and Microsoft, but since my current computer is not really capable of gaming and cannot be easily upgraded, and it looked like my old white 360 was about to break, I decided to take advantage of the price drop on the Xbox One console, so I just got a refurbished one and bought a one year warranty. It turns out I'm able to play about 25 games or so that I already downloaded through Xbox Live Gold on my Xbox One, so that's nice because I don't have much money for new games. lol

I could have waited for the newer Xbox One (Xbox One S, I think?) but I really didn't care about the smaller foot print, and I'm not going to notice the improved HD output, especially the 4K videos, because my TVs are only 720 dpi anyway. If I have the money for a 4K TV, I'll probably buy a computer first, unless one of my TVs break.

But thank you for the suggestions, because I'm hoping to get a new computer soon. There are other things I'd like to do with my computer that I still can't do on my console (at least that I'm aware of) like mixing music, using midi controllers, making music with Ableton. I don't really think those are going to work well with a dual core.

Oh, I live in South Texas, btw. There aren't really any good computer stores in my area. Probably the best prices will be at Best Buy. I bought this computer refurbished, but my options were pretty limited at that store. About all they had was dual core Dells, it seemed.
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