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The Greatest Game Series Known To Mankind

[color=darkred][b]The Legend of Zelda Series. My most favorite game, you could say I'm a nut for the games. I've played and beaten all the American Zelda Games except for the orignal two. They're uber hard and confusing. My favortie is Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I own the GOLD cartidge of it. Awesome. My very first Zelda game was Link's Awakening for the original Gameboy. You know, the big blocky gray one. I also own an original SNES cartridge of Link to the Past. I hate to be a bragger, but...wait, no, I don't. So right now one of the main things on my mind is getting Twilight Princess. I'd have it by now if Nintendo hadn't pushed back the release date, but then again, the longer the wait, the better it will be.
Links Awakening and LttP were my favorites. =/
The puzzles, save Links Awakening, in Zelda are a little too medicore though...
Yup, Zelda is one of the best, played some of the via a GBA emulator a few months back...but how come no-one is mentioning the Final Fantasy series? Granted, not much of them are available for the PC, but the ones that are, are very representative.
LttP was my favorite too , then ocarina of time:)
im so waiting for twilight princess
Final Fantasy has to be one of the most overated series of all time.
It had it's high points(IV,VI, and IX) but the whole series is so medicore..

Zelda is usually always fresh and exctiting though, like any Nintendo series.
have to agree with you. zelda is never bad ^_^.

and the first and second game aint that hard. i can beat the second one in under 3h =). or could atleast, now i probably wont really remember where to go and such, but its not all that hard Wink.
yeah, zelda is pretty good,

but i have got to say the final fantasy series are really good aswell.

and halo is turning into a series.....
thefluffyhamster wrote:
and halo is turning into a series.....

You can't honestly compare Halo, which like 1 sequel, to FF or Zelda which have ~10 Idea
ruff_ryder wrote:
thefluffyhamster wrote:
and halo is turning into a series.....

You can't honestly compare Halo, which like 1 sequel, to FF or Zelda which have ~10 Idea

Also do to the fact that Halo is more overated than FFVII is. <.<
Here's the thing about the Zelda series: Yes, they're great games. But they soiled the series with those old, Philips CD-i games. Whether you like to admit it or not, they're part of the series.

Now, the Metroid series, that hasn't been ruined yet. It's still pure.
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate anything Metroid Prime.
But that's just me... =/
Street Fighter series have left a mark on the fighting genre.. and its quite famous.. also the supe mario series is over a decade old but still is in the limelight
I think that the Delta Force serie is the best. Cool
Yes, I know that sounds wierd out (I think Laughing )
But I am a huge fan to the DF serie (so far),
I have almost every game,
I am only missing Delta Force 1 (going to buy it)

But, just so you guys know this;
I love FPS shooters!!
The Age series is good, Zelda of course , UT ,....and many more.
U can't say what the best series is because every series is some unique,..uncomparable...IMHO
Zelda, metroid , final fantasy are al great but i must also say that Mario is a great serie (the platform games that is) afther all without him where would we be today?
finally, somebody said Mario.
Rockman ("Megaman" if you're not cool. kidding) is also pretty cool too, before it got to the X series.
Samurai Showdown's one of my fav too, before they started crossing over to Capcom.
I also like Virtua Fighter, DOA, but not a big fan of Tekken
I liked X. =/
Just, when it went to the PS2, it turned to crap...
Yes, I love Zelda, I've played all the games, except for those old CD-i ones or whatever. Which really no one cares about that much. A lot of people say Ocarina of Time is over-rated, but I absolutly love it, it is one of ym favorite games ever.
I have to disagree. LOZ is one of the most dragged out series of all time, second only to Mario.
For some reason I seem to prefer the 2D zelda games to the 3D ones, same with metroid as well...
Megaman is what I consider to be the greatest game series of all time. From Megaman I on the NES, to Megaman X Command Mission, they rock. The SNES MMX games are the best, however.
megaman is an excellent series aswell. BUT, not all of them, and crapcom should have left megaman in the bed the day they decided to make mmx2.
the only good games in the megamanseries are: megaman 1-4 and megaman x. the rest of them are pure crap! just like crapcom!
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