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Anyone using Maxthon?

I had some issues with one Forum only - after I clicked on creating a post - if I work longer than a minute on the content of the post, and then submit the post, it won't go through - it needs the page to be refreshed first before it will be published.

I then checked for browser issues. Maxthon works (although it takes a longer time to publish the post than what it's supposed to take at any other forum), so I'm using Maxthon now for that Forum instead of Firefox.

Am just wondering whether there are others at Frihost who are also using, or have tried Maxthon and what your experiences have been like?

I've been using it for three days, still prefer Mozilla Firefox, probably because I've been using it since 2008 and to be honest feel a bit like a traitor for using another browser Razz I have no complaints about Maxthon though. Works VERY well. It's got a familiar feeling of IE around the address line, and works like Google Chrome. Haven't come across issues yet.

Let's see how long this lasts before I'm back with Mozilla Firefox again. Very Happy
I hadn't heard of Maxthon until now. has a nice review of it. It seems their cloud features are a major selling point. My private data on a cloud computer in Beijing?

I use Opera most of the time. While it has a lot of nice features, it seems to have too many compatability issues. Opera claims it's because of their small market share, and sites ignore them. I don't like monopolistic or near-monopolistic products, whether commercial or open source, so for me Opera is a good choice. If I developed sufficient trust for them, I suppose Maxthon would also be a good choice for me.
Thx Sonlight. I've been on Maxthon now for three days. Feels much lighter than Firefox. It's been a good experience so far. I still miss Firefox, probably because I'm so used to it. I do like the bare bones feel of Maxthon though - for now at least. Verdict is still out however. Three days aren't long enough. Still need to give it a major workout to match my experience with Firefox.
We use it and we like it.
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