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Just got done catching the second half of Titanic...does that movie bother anybody else? If I hear Celine Dion one more time in the next year I am going to explode. Also, the movie is pretty...unbelivable. Things that are pretty impossible tend to happen the survival of that woman! She should have died of hypothermia, like a normal person would.
well a small group of people did indeed survive even after the boat sunk. Yes most died from hypothermia. But somehow some people lived through it all.

Most the things from the movie were quoted straight from facts. The only thing fictional about it was the love story.
Read any past documents or witness reports, they all claim that it sunk the way it sunk in the movie....

Thats why the movie is so powerful during the second half, that crap really happend... imagine drowning to death in a dark freezing cold ocean in the atlantic.
Imagine being saved and floating away on a half filled life boat and listening to the screams of people drowning...

As far as the actual character rose surviving... c'mon its hollywood. We gotta identify one of the characters who made (especially one that went through the main experience). Most movies have to make up their own fiction to be ultimately entertaining. atleast you got to see her boobs (even if they were hairy). LOL
probably my least favorite movie of all time...oh ya about the song i remember hearing it all the time (i swear like every 10 min on the radio) right after the movie came out and along with my sister loving the movie I wanted to kill the person who directed that move. Since the first time I saw it I have never ever seen it again and dont plan too anytime soon. Twisted Evil
Let her rest in peace people.
It was a huge hit but is not watchable over and over again.....
Thats why i watched it just twice but now i feel that i will never be able to watch it again.
lol i guess movies are made for entertainment purposes, there are many movies which the "unreal" seems to happen
Well, I like Titanic anyway, Its emotional level is very high so that the goofup you specified is not at all a problem to many viewers.
And if she died at that time, then how will the movie Titanic exists.
you mean the morden titanic or the old one ?
i saw them both nice films the morden one was better i think Wink
I couldn't even finish watching the first half. I found it slow and uninteresting. Just another movie with a well-known cast. I'd rather watch Terms of Endearment or Boondock Saints. Hell, I even rather watch Ninja Scroll!
Masochistic Tendencies
It's an okay movie but after watching it once you'll never ever ever ever want to watch it again. lol. Rolling Eyes
James Cameron is a remarkable man of vision and I have enjoyed most of his cinematic efforts, "Titanic" is a visual feast and Cameron's meticulous attention to detail is evident and it becomes easy to see why it received so many technical awards. The plot and acting were not of the same level as the tchnical aspects.

I understand Cameron has produced a documentary of his exploration of the Titanic remains. This may be very interesting. Perhaps someone has seen it.
every time i see this film i still get teary, especially when rose lets go of jacks hand and he starts to sink. i always try hard to fight off tears. and then Celion Dion's my heart will go on, makes my hair stand on end.

but just to think that, that tradgedy really happend, and hundreds of people died....... Sad
I'm not going to lie, I really liked the movie. It's not that farfetched and its a cute love story and a bit of a tear jerker.
I really liked the film. The way Cameron shows the different lifestyles of all passengers in the ship is simply beautiful. Plus the wonderful soundtrack. Everything about this movie was good.
I love this movie, ironcally, I'm watching it right now, I found nothing wrong with it and I loved the song Celine Dion sang. I found it pretty cool that the movie was as "advanced" as it was for having been filmed ten years ago.

And the fact that it had one of my favorite actresses, Kate Winslet, only made me love it more. She was also great in Heavenly Creatures
petgraveyard wrote:
If I hear Celine Dion one more time in the next year I am going to explode.

Have you seen the "My Heart Will Go On" music video? It's probably in the DVD extras somewhere. She would explode if she kept hitting herself like that.

As for the movie...

Hated it!
this film is one of the best ever and i don't know jow people could resent it.
hundreds of movie mistakes (
and is there any film you can watch repeatedley without getting bored?
well i don't know about you guys, but i thought titanic was great. i've always been facinated with the ship and the story behind it, and although james cammeron has added some things to the story that never happened, i always find myself so into the movie that I only remember that the story is being told by "old rose" when the view switches back to her about half way through the movie. in my opinion one of the best movies every made!
I see this movie six times and this movie is very good I like any scene on them. Favorite scene is crushing the ship. Very good EFFECT.
I can't see what's so great about this movie. I know poeple who went to the cinema over 6 thimes just to watch it.
I sat through the whole movie waiting for the scene that's supposed to make me cry...and then suddenly the film ended *lol*
Rolling Eyes
I really like Titanic. I'm never a hard critic of anything. That movie made me cry. Celene Dion's song really fit with the movie and it still makes me sad EVERY time I hear it. It is possible to survive through it, I think. The ending was sad, but at least Rose didn't have to marry that one guy, whom is so unimportant that I have forgotten his name.
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