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Could you watch an execution

I was watching an old TV western last night. There was a hanging and the crowd watching. This got me to thinking.
Could you watch a public execution? Hanging, needle, chair does not matter.
I watch it once before and I got goose bumps all over me. Definitely not, not that I am coward but watching may be too painful as well as their families.
I would never do it if I had a choice. I guess it would be harder to watch the more torturous the execution is. I don't think execution should be used as a punishment so I would probably feel anger. If they have to do it it should be done as pain-free as possible. If I watched torture I would probably get angry and feel I want to kill the executioners. No crime is worse than torture in my mind.
Preferably not.
If I must I probably feel sick....
But I am against executions .
I feel the same about execution. I find it totally primitive to watch an execution in modern day as well. Like the next of kin being invited to witness someone who has been executed die. We've got to be better than that.
I agree, in this day and age I feel like death by execution or just death in general has become more sacred. Had I lived in a day and age where it was more acceptable I would probably feel much different. Its just not acceptable these days.
I won't even watch the isis executions, the daily mail seems to show them in stories daily, though I never click the links to see if they actually show the the act of execution itself. I don't want to watch someone get their head hacked off.

I remember years ago clicking and watching the Saddam execution on youtube, it was weird to know you were watching the final moments of someones life.
Hm, I remember that I have seen an isis video where someone gets the head hacked off. And it took time, just sucks to watch that. It wasn't on youtube but some other large video site.
Also, there was a video that tcirculated before when an arabic woman got stoned. Not getting high but actually people throwed stones at her until she died. Just tragic, but in a way it is good the video got out so you can see that this shit actually happens today.
standready wrote:

Could you watch a public execution?

In the Eu there are no dead sentences.
Unfortunately there are still countries where one can get a dead penalty.
If I had to I could watch an execution - but I will say that I would not enjoy it and if I had the choice would not watch it.

With that said - the next question one might ask is do you think executions are necessary? My answer is - yes. Do I think that Muslims stoning women to death, or beheading combatants in a video is necessary - and the answer to that is NO.

I do think that executions are necessary in that some people are so murderous and violent in their beliefs and behavior that they need to be put down like a rabid dog - this is so the rest of us can live peaceful lives without the threat of violence, being stoned to death, or being beheaded.

Here is the reasoning. If you had a dog that had contracted rabies would you cage it and keep it alive until it died without you or someone else killing it? Would you let it run around on the streets threatening everyone else because you felt that killing is wrong or bad? Most people will answer no and would put the animal down to protect others in the community or your family.

So why is it that some of us are offended by the killing of those that justify murdering others for any reason?

If a person believes that killing people for any reason is justified, and they will kill others at will to satisfy their belief that it is right to do so - these people suffer from a mental disease that allows them to kill - Even if the mental disease is a book, or some belief system that justifies killing people, they still have a defect that allows them to take the step to kill others. These people need to be put down like a rabid dog so that the rest of us can live peaceful lives free from the fear of dying at the hands of some crazy murderer.

Do I want to watch or participate in this - my answer is NO. Would I put down a crazed human to protect my community and family - YES.

I know I strayed off topic here - but I do think that any belief system that justifies murdering people, or enslaving them is wrong, and most people in their hearts know it is wrong as well. If you know in your heart that something is wrong then you need to follow your heart because there is no other path worth following IMHO Cool
Nope, I think it would be way too barbaric to watch. I can't even stomach them on TV when they are fake. I think it's just too real for me. I would rather not watch it. I know they have put them out with the ISIS beheadings and all, but I don't watch those because I think it's so brutal. I don't think I need more gore in my life.
BigGeek, you make some great points there! I have a very similar opinion on the subject to yours.

Death sentence is highly unpopular due to probably many reasons. Most of us live in very comfortable worlds and the problems of average human in the history of our race would probably crush most of us - we're just too used to the fact that there's always food on the table, warm clean tap water whenever we want, the temperature in our houses is whatever we want it to be and the economy makes it easy for us to survive and prosper. We are shielded from violence to the point when the very idea of something drastic happening to anyone seems barbaric to us. So over-sensitivity causes us to run away from hard problems which can sometimes be put to an end by hard solutions. That's the way the world just is and always was.

Another reason is the naivety - so many people believe that psychopaths, serial killers, perverts etc. can turn around if only given enough care and support. After a century of flirting with the idea most statistics clearly show that resocialization is useless and any practical success that it has, it has far away from the most troubled individuals - minor to medium cases only. I read a book of a priest who was "resocializing" pedophile priests once. He gave up after two or three decades of working with those people saying that their urges are so strong that he couldn't turn a single one. As much as he could just be poor at his job, most criminal statistics confirm it - most dangerous cases the best you can hope for is isolate them.

But that leads to another thing: why should everyone go to work everyday to support perverts who rape someone in less than a week after their sentences end? (and there's gazillions of such cases). In my country, an average amount of 3 times of what I spend monthly on my bills, food etc. is spent on prisoners. I don't think rewarding criminals is the sign of a civilized society, quite the opposite. Check Breivik's recent complaint case to see to what absurd lengths this philosophy goes.

To end this blabber, there was a great (although so disturbing) movie with Harvey Keitel called "Bad Lieutenant" and in it was a nun who was raped and begged God to forgive the rapist and for the strength so she can forgive him too, that's why she didn't want to help with the case against him. The Keitel character went to talk with her, listened to her reasoning and asked her a wonderful question: who is she to judge so that he goes free and is forgiven? What damage will he do as his life goes on? How many women will he rape? How is she not responsible for every crime that he commits if she could stop him from doing that and she did nothing?
i could probably watch one, but it depends, how is it performed? why? who is it? i cant watch needles, i have a phobia of them, and beheadings are a bit ick, but hanging could be okay, maybe.
I see one every time my home team plays.
I can just watch in movies because I know it's fake. The moment the director says "Cut!", the actor/actress will just walk away..

But as for REAL executions, I don't think I can handle it. Heck, the time I saw right in front of my eyes people dying I started throwing up and can't handle it like I'm starting to pass away myself Sad

It may seem cool and all that, but killing or seeing someone getting killed (and not being affected by it even slightly) will need some degree a cold heart. Or if your morality compass has gone insane.
I could I think. But the sort of execution is important. A hanging I believe, but a long bloody thing well I don't know...
Da Rossa
I'm against death penalty. But I guess I could watch.
yeah I am also against death penalty
BigGeek, you made some excellent points. I am with you.
I don't think i could, at least not if i could stop it. If i cant do anything about it i wouldn't willingly watch it but could
Personally no, not in cold blood. I don't think I could even program something to do it either. Shooting the enemy in war is something entirely different which I can definitely accept.
Da Rossa
scotts96 wrote:
Personally no, not in cold blood. I don't think I could even program something to do it either. Shooting the enemy in war is something entirely different which I can definitely accept.

In my country there is no death penalty unless in times of war, and only some people - the military, friend or foe - can get the capital punishment. Still, only for crimes that imply on treason, espionage or defection. The mindset is that a convicted felon of this type is to be trated just like an enemy on the battlefield, even if the penalty is carried out after the peace is declared. Ah, I'm from Brazil.
I've watched some online. I wasn't freaked out but I was saddened a bit because I really appreciate life. I think even the worst criminals deserve to live, even if in life sentence.

That doesn't mean that I'm all against death, because I am morally indifferent to it. It's just that I subjectively dislike it.
I've been around enough dead people, and have watched people go from talking to dead. These are people who usually were good people, they wern't in jail, and often had families by there side. With that being said, it would be pretty easy to see some criminal that killed some innocent person be killed at least for me.
Blaster wrote:
I've been around enough dead people, and have watched people go from talking to dead. These are people who usually were good people, they wern't in jail, and often had families by there side. With that being said, it would be pretty easy to see some criminal that killed some innocent person be killed at least for me.

That must terribly difficult, Blaster. Thank you for all the people you do help.
In real life? no... not anymore, maybe as a teenager. I can hardly watch videos anymore in the context of evidence of various wars.

That's someones family member regardless
I think there's another question here. How is it that people could watch executions in the past? And bring their children along, even? Does that, seeing people being killed, make those societies harder emotionally and take violence more as a normal event? I often wonder what's the impact of our society condemning violence as well? Even stuff like corporal punishment, etc. And, on the other hand, the depiction of violence on screen. Onscreen violence in the past (like 1950's and before) were less graphic than onscreen violence today. Even sex is depicted more brutally than it used to be. Why is it, as we work towards reducing violence at home or in the workplace, that we increase the depiction of violence on screen?

I'm meandering a bit. I'm just wondering what is the relationship between watching violence and being immune to it.
Yes, Anyone can simply watch an execution.
However to live with it, Now that's the hard part.
I once saw a dead body after a car accident so not quite the same thing. Looking at the body I felt really sad and also a weird melancholy feeling when I began to consider that what was moments ago, a living breathing person with memories, expectations, hopes and fears was now, just an empty shell.
I can but I'd rather not. These days with the movies and media desensitizing the populace, I think it won't be difficult for a person to watch some like an execution and yet stay sane. It is an everyday occurrence in some countries already.
I wouldn't watch an execution, it just freaks me out. i just cant bare it.
lolz, we watch movies, they contain so many weird scenes, especially horror ones. Watch Chinese action movies, there will always be some sort of executions. But i would not prefer to watch. Very Happy
Yes. that's a very easy question. I think you should have gone a bit deeper into it than that. I can watch someone being killed. Will I feel guilt? probably not.
If i was a victim or a family member or someone close was a victim of said person getting executed i would watch probably while flipping them off XD
I think almost anyone „could“ watch it, but its not something I would want to do.
Seeing it I would most definitely think about the moments leading up to it and what the person must be feeling and thinking.
Yes with no problem if the one being killed had killed one of mine.
I did it in past in a famous gore video web site... i had a stomach ache 😖
Probably can, but rather not. Also depends on the method, if its painful and bloody then I wouldn't even be able to peek.
I could watch, I would like to think that I would watch in a dignified manner and not turn away, even if that means crying while I watch. I do oppose the death penalty for others, although I believe I may choose it for myself, if I believe the mind and spirit would rot before the body in a particular prison. Although I do not seek death, I do not fear it either.

One of the primary reasons not to watch is that doing so implies approval of that punishment, if it means we do not really care about it. Sometimes that would be the interpretation, even if it is not true, and that approval implies that one is not a good person, perhaps even an evil person.

Yet, sometimes we put so much effort into convincing ourselves that we are good and not evil that this becomes an end in itself. Most of my adult life, I have made a conscious effort to look this issue in the face, without altering my response to those situations. While this has cost me a lot philosophically, and while I am definitely imperfect in this respect, I can say with great confidence that I am a good person. I do not usually need to look away to convince myself of this.

A careful balance of values is important, and of our responses to challenges to those values. Otherwise, we do things for insincere reasons.

It can be disrepectful to an executed person to not watch, and it can be disrespectful to any victims not to watch. No one should die alone or without dignity if possible. This can happen if we regard our own response, although very significant, as so overwhelmingly important as to drown out the suffering of the executed person, and of any victims. Victims, also, deserve acknowledgement that justice is being carried out, in whatever form.

If I watched an execution, that memory would be with me until the end of my days, but knowing that I looked away would haunt me even more. Among other things, I would wonder just how much suffering there really was. Also, while I am apolitical in part because I want my own response to be moderate and composed, I want to be able to consider my opinion in the future. Whatever small part I play in the larger scheme of things, I want to thoroughly understand that part, so that I do not do more harm than good.
I would, but it wouldn't be something I would do often. It's really unnerving, knowing that that person just... won't be alive.
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