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Quick question about installing WordPress

I hope I posted in the right place. I'm not exactly having a problem with the hosting. I just want to ask before I copy my files to the wrong place, since this is the first time I've installed WordPress manually.
I downloaded the Wordpress files to my computer and then uploaded to the server through FTP. Then I created the SQL database and username and edited my wp_config.php file according to the instructions.

But then I noticed in the video it looked like he uploaded the files to the public_html folder in the example, and my files are in the root file. So it looks like they are in the wrong place, but since it had password information I want to be sure that they go in the public_html folder before I go move them. Smile
This is what I usually do Space when I install the script manually - I do it with the cPanel File Manager:

1. I always create an add on domain first. Like I go to and create a free domain. I then go into the registrar and change the name servers to our name servers: is good for temporary domains, like when I start to like the domain and think I'll keep the WordPress site for a while, I'll then buy one from Namecheap. may not always be good for keeping a domain name for a long period of time.

2. I then log into cpanel and create an add-on domain. When one creates the add-on domain it automatically creates a new add-on domain folder in File Manager called "add-on domain name"

3. I then navigate to and download the latest WP download to the hard disk of my computer:

4. I unzip the zipped folder, then select only the contents of the WP main folder (without the main wp folder) and re-zip them again.

5. I then go into cpanel again and create mySQL database. One has to create the database name, and then the database user. Then after they have been created, link them together. In the meanwhile remember to write down the database name and database user (usually the same name) PLUS most important, the pass word. Try and make it a very secure password by using the password tool that comes with setting the database up in cpanel.

6. Now navigate to FileManager in cPanel. Click on public html, and then inside public html you'll find your add on domain. Click on that so that you're now in the ROOT of your add on domain.

7. Click on the upload icon in FileManager and then upload your newly zipped folder to the root of your add on domain.

8. Unzip the folder inside the root.

9. Then type your add on domain name in the address line of your browser, and it should bring up WordPress prompt for setting yourself up.

10. Tips for the setup. When the setup asks for URL with "WP" delete WP so it is blank, otherwise when your type your URL, it will go to WP first of the WordPress site. Also click on "Advanced" where you can set your WordPress up so that both script, themes and plugins are automatically updated.

11. Keep your password for your WP Website plus the mySQL database in a place you'll never forget.

Further tips:
Once you're up and running:

1. For security download WordFence plugin. That's a necessity more than a luxury as it will protect your Website from being hacked.

2. Download another plugin called Duplicator plugin. Once you're up and running with your Website, I'd download this plugin for backing your WordPress site up and downloading the package file consisting of an installer and backup folder to the hard disk of your computer. The plugin is good for migrating your blog to any other service or server, or to use the copy for another WordPress site. It helps you set up a package consisting of a zipped backup folder and an installer. Beauty of this plugin is that you never have to install Wordpress at the destination server again. Only a mysql empty database.

3. Always keep your WordPress script, themes and plugins up to date. Like immediately, preferably automatic. It's not a luxury to do that but a necessity. Worst case is when your site gets infected with a backdoor virus and the hacker gets control over your email account in cpanel. Then sends thousands of spam mails every where. Which then gets our IP blacklisted. Hence why security is an absolute necessity. Never get a theme or plugin from a site you don't know. Preferably always get them from, as provides a really good overview of plugins and themes.

That's about it. Smile
Thanks for the detailed instructions, Dean. I had forgotten about the free domains. I think I will start with those. I used Word Fence before and I kept getting notifications that somebody in Turkey tried to log in, so I realized I better keep up with my security the best I can.
SpaceInvader75 wrote:
I used Word Fence before and I kept getting notifications that somebody in Turkey tried to log in, so I realized I better keep up with my security the best I can.
During setup of WordPress, in the Advanced section (when you click on it), WordPress asks whether you want to limit login attempts. I have that enabled too. Although I put it at a higher number than the default 4, as I'm concerned it may block me too. So have it on 9.
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