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PHP scripting - system of post and upload

I need a page, type a form, where the user, fills some fields and also possesss the option to annex an archive.
When clicar in sending, the data are recorded in a data base and the archive is safe in the server.
In one another page, appears the subject of the postadas messages already, previously filled in the fields, with one link to open the message in question that will possess one link to lower the attached archive...

I do not know if I was well clearly, I find q does not have to be a difficult thing of if to make, to only join 2 codigos to have the final result, but I did not find none that me was useful...

Fórum would be almost the one system (similar in terms, therefore it appears in a page the categories and the asuntos of the messages to be chosen)...

The great problem also is the system to annex the archive and the same to be recorded in the server, in one determined folder... Necessary very of this, I go to continue looking for, but if somebody will be able to help I is thankful....
If you need that script I highly suggest you start learning php, some people will help you, but I am sure nobody is going to fully make that script.
and some of us have no idea what exactly you want. Forms are easy, logging data is easy if you use a DB, retrieving it is a sinch just learn php Wink
sorry rhysige if is very complicated, still more with mine low vocabulary of English, go to try to ask for something simplerthan he will have to satisfy me...

You have that to also understand that I do not know almost nothing of PHP, therefore you are asking for aid in the forum, therefore necessary of this a little urgently, I am studying the language, but I do not have much time...

I need one script in PHP for form where he has the possibility of if sending an attached archive to the email...


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