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A man who loves shredding

In the Washington Post there is an extensive presentation of the crushing machine.

Since the beginning of October 2015, Lauri Vuohensilta has been crushing random objects to smithereens,
just for the sheer pleasure of it. He’s pulverized a rubber duck, a jawbreaker, various kinds of fruit,
a hockey puck, a Barbie, Lego cars and a cable box, among other assorted and strange items.

Here is an example of crushing hockey puck with hydraulic press:

People seem to be drawn for some reason to the destruction of things. This reminds me of Mythbusters or the Will It Blend? YouTube series because it's all about finding new ways to destroy things. Pretty cool, but I wonder what is our fascination with it.
Nothing amazing about destroying things. Better off recycling/reusing.
My only shredding is top secret documents!
I'll second destroying things as fun, if useless. anything with a bang!
Ah, the hydraulic press channel. I've been subscribed to them since I saw this video when it came out.

If you watch it, you'll see why it was quite fascinating. Personally, my fascination with the channel isn't necessarily about seeing things getting destroyed (admittedly, I cringe when I see needless destruction), but rather the engineer and visual learner in me likes to see how different items behave under mechanical stress. Oh, and he's got a pretty cool accent.
The crazy thing is

adult like that.

News: The most big destroying

and the people buy tickets for watch?

Violence? I ll like to see it.

Im sorry.
Destroying things is fun, as long as no one gets hurt and nothing of value is destroyed!

I can tell you crushing things is fun but not near as much fun as blowing them up. I was a Combat Engineer in the US Marines and learned all about explosives and the different types, and how to set them off. I gotta tell you using high powered explosives to blow things up was more fun than anyone should be allowed to have. What a blast, we blew up old bridges, old buildings, old tanks, and trucks. It was impressive so see, fun to learn and great fun to watch!

When people would ask me what I did in the Marine Corp I used to respond - I blow things up!!!

Also I can tell you that the stuff you see on TV is such BS it is not funny, especially when the take a small block of C4 (plastic explosive) and put on a door and get behind a desk and set it off - yeah right that little block of C4 would take the door, the desk and the whole room and part of the building out! We put 1 stick of dynamite in an old barracks that was basically about a 1400 square foot 1 story building, it blew all the walls out and collapsed the roof. I laugh when someone in a movie throws a stick of dynamite in a house the the people duck behind the couch, and it blows the windows out and they walk away. What a freaking joke!!
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