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ebay, your best and worst buy

without any names lets have a little laugh, what is ya best ever deal and what has been ya worst.

my best - bought a Dodge day van, drove 250 miles to collect it paid cash, the seller then says that as we had been so good he would fill the tank with fuel, £125 worth of fuel for just doing what I should, bonus.

my worst - bought a new mobile phone, paid instantly, promised next day delivery, arrived 8 days later but didn't work, called seller who said send it back which I did, after one week I emailed to see what was going on but got no answer, after 2 weeks I emailed again and got told he was waiting for it to come back from manufacturers, after 2 more weeks I asked again and got no reply, filed complaint with paypal, seller lied to them and they refused to do anything, after another week I called him and gave him a dead line for my replacement phone or I would take it to court, day after the deadline a phone arrives, knocked about second hand phone which was an older model to the one I purchased. gave him neg feedback, and signed him up for many gay porn chat sites, giving his full name and address even advertised for a new friend for him Laughing Wink he messed a few people about and eventually was removed from eBay

come on peeps tell us what your experiences have been?
My best was basically everything i bought, from computer parts to skirts (not for me of course, they're for my girlfriend Laughing )

My worst was when I tried to get a skirt for my girlfriend, the seller said she hadn't set up her paypal account and would notify me when it's set up. Luckily I canceled the payment i had made cause' till now I've never heard from her.
dont use ebay...
yep I did the buying embarrassing stuff thing too, we were going to a fancy drees party and the wife needed an adult size school skirt, got one on ebay, a week or so later I bought a car, the seller checked out my feedback and saw what I'd bought, when I went to collect the car he said he expected a bloke in a skirt Embarassed mega embarrassing or what
[FuN]goku wrote:
dont use ebay...

Shocked Shocked Shocked I thought everyone used ebay Shocked Shocked Shocked
My best buy was probably a 5 point surround sound system for under 10 quid. I think he listed it in the wrong category so no-one was bidding, that and he did not put a reserve price on it!

My worst buy was probably a load of simpsons dvds. Be very careful, if theres a listing for something along the lines of "every simpsons episode seasons 1-16" dont buy it! he had positive feedback people saying it worked, but when i bought it it came and they were all blank dvds. Wasted nearly 45 pounds, (80 USD) which is quite a lot for a 15 year old!

The guy then de-registered off ebay and i could never contact him again. Evil or Very Mad lol.

I have never gotten ripped off on Ebay, but I have had some bad sales... I sold Asphalt for the Nintendo DS on there and it only went for a quarter... My brother knows all about bad Ebay deals, though. He has been ripped off constantly; the worst was an RC helicopter he paid $600 for (it was around $400 new) and it was shipped to us from Sweden, I think... When it got here, it was broken, came with no controller, and new parts were impossible to find because the helicopter was discontinued in the USA a year or two before the auction. All I could do was laugh at his stupidity...
the only time ive been ripped off when i was selling a cd and got pauid by cheque

but i sent out the cd and a week later tried to cash the cheque, it bounced and the bank charged me £30, ******
my worst sale.... OMG...... Just sold a cot.. and mattress.. bought from IKEA... for 1p.. can you believe it?? Shock horror! they had the ordasity to give us 10p... is that real???
Tried buying several stuff from E-Bay and none have actually came to me.
Bought a cheap playstation 2 pad once and it was knackered. One of the sticks was hanging out!

Shocking. Rolling Eyes
a good mate of mine bought a motorcycle, described as needing new head, other wise good, He got a friend to collect it for him and when he got it home he found there were no internals in the engine at all, this was his 1st ebay purchase, he complained but got no where so he looked for an engine and there it was on ebay, good running engine recently removed from bike, he bought it and paid shipping only to get an engine that had half the internals missing, he won't use ebay any more. Crying or Very sad
I haven't buy anything on the internet
I'd like to buy things in the shop
it would be a good time when shopping
byt wrote:
[FuN]goku wrote:
dont use ebay...

Shocked Shocked Shocked I thought everyone used ebay Shocked Shocked Shocked

I don't
I just don't trust people from what I hear.
byt wrote:
[FuN]goku wrote:
dont use ebay...

Shocked Shocked Shocked I thought everyone used ebay Shocked Shocked Shocked

I wish I could use ebay but my parents dont trust ebay so I never get anything from there. But as soon as I get my first check from Google, its off to ebay!
Personally, all the stuff I've gotten off of eBay has been alright. Some of it's more expensive than others. Some of it was a sweet deal. But what I would like to call attention to, is one thing. Amidst the Xbox 360 craze, someone apparently acquired one a few weeks before its official release and sold it on eBay to some sucker for $18,000! Now, I know people want to be the first because it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but eighteen grand!? Holy crap.
my friend got a video camera through eBay. Paid almost half price for what it would have cost in the shop. So is the paying something like $1400. He paid just over $700.
he did some thorough research. And called the guy who was selling by phone. and made sure that it was a reliable contact.
Masochistic Tendencies
I didn't do it but one of my brothers' friends took a picture of an Xbox during Christmas and listed it. He put in the description that it was just a picture of a Xbox but someone paid $200 for it. So yeah...shafted. Kinda his fault for not reading the item description but it still wasn't right. Confused
ehhh... best = proxima 2800 projector for $150 shipped

worse... not yet >knock on wood<
guess it depends on what sort of stuff ya buy, cars have to be one of the worst things cos we all have different ideas about what makes a good car. I wish I had a £ for every time I've heard a car described as "mint condition" when really it's a piece of crap. Drove 250 miles (each way) for one that was supposed to need minor repair, when I got there it was a total wreck, rot in every panel, rusted out chrome that had been painted over and didn't show in the pictures. seller couldn't understand why I wouldn't pay up however after much discusion he agreed his description was poor and that he was in the wrong, didn't help with all the fuel I had used to drive after it though Crying or Very sad
i bought a pretty good computer off of ebay and it cost me like $100 it was used and had no hard drive but the actual computer was pretty awsome it had a lot of ram and a good processor and i bought a hard drive for like $10 dollars at the store and its like my best computer

also i didnt actually buy it but i just thought it was interesting people are selling xbox 360 for like $1,500 dollars. if i had one i would have sold it and bought one later but i thought it was definitly not worth it but aperently to some people it is but i would never buy it for that price
I don't buy from ebay. I do sell on ebay.
Well, I've used eBay for a lot of things. I buy a lot of computer-type of stuff from eBay. The most expensive thing that I probably bought from eBay was my surround-sound speaker system for my computer, that was probably $70.00. The best ever deal (I think) was an auction where some guy was selling PC100 memory. He advertised it as 64MB apiece for each chip (there were 6 chips in the auction) for $6.00 total. I was the only bidder and when I got the chips, they were much more than what he had advertised. I believe 4 out of the 6 chips were 128MB, only 2 of them were 64MB chips. One of the chips out of the 6 was PC133, where the other 5 were PC100. Still a pretty sweet deal. The worst auction that I got burned on was a cheap motherboard that I had no idea didn't work. It's sitting in it's box doing nothing. I might auction off my defective computer stuff someday in an auction, I'm sure someone might be interested.

- Mike.
Worst ever deal was when I bought an O2 XDA IIs phone and the guy never sent it. His ebay account later went inactive too and never answered my emails. It makes me want to stay away from ebay from now on.
Worst buy easily was buying a bottle of Lambretta l'eau de toilette for £7 and finding it in a shop for £1 a bottle a day later!!! Embarassed

However, i got revenge! I bought 20 bottles from the shop and sold them on ebay for £5 each!!!!

Laughing Laughing Laughing
I can't buy in ebay.... Sad
But I will learn it.
If you could help...
abcxyz2 wrote:
I can't buy in ebay.... Sad
But I will learn it.
If you could help...

best way to win an auction is to make a last minute bid for the max you want to pay, this gives others less chance to outbid you.

good luck with learning, best buy a few cheap things first, less to lose and it'll build up ya feedback rateing
byt wrote:
abcxyz2 wrote:
I can't buy in ebay.... Sad
But I will learn it.
If you could help...

best way to win an auction is to make a last minute bid for the max you want to pay, this gives others less chance to outbid you.

good luck with learning, best buy a few cheap things first, less to lose and it'll build up ya feedback rateing

Or, of course, use an auction "bot" which bids at the last millisecond for you!

You'll be eternally despised by everyone though lol.

And no i don't use them!!!
ive only ever bought one thing off ice skates Smile They were a good buy. Got them really cheap compared to shop prices, and they were nearly new too! Twisted Evil
ebay is the best online mart. But b4 buying check the member feedback profile.

Every eBay member has a feedback profile—it includes a rating number in parentheses, as well as comments from other members you've bought from and sold to.

For example: Skippy (125) means that the eBay member with the User ID Skippy has received positive feedback from at least 125 other eBay members.

How it works
The feedback rating system is easy. You receive:
+1 point for each positive comment
0 points for each neutral comment
-1 point for each negative comment
A star icon for 10 or more comments.
When to check it
Before you bid on an item, you can check the seller's feedback rating by clicking on the number next to the their name, or from the view feedback request form. Sellers may also want to view the feedback profiles of bidders to see how reliable they've been in the past.

Tip: In most cases, a high feedback rating is a good sign, but you should always check a member's feedback profile to read comments and look for negative remarks.
I can't remember everything I bought on eBay. Most of it was olde Sega Master System games. I bought one brand new, shrink wrapped, for 99 cents from Brazil. The shipping was $20 though. I also got a good deal on my digital camera. My best buys have been the old video games. But if the 2 gigs of RAM I bought for the price of 1 gig works, then that will be my best puchase Smile.

These days you can find a phenominal deal on eBay, and then have that deal wiped out by insane shipping costs. It SUCKS! I make it a policy of mine to not make money off of shipping when I sell stuff.
My best buy was an electric guitar when i was 9! Its still working abnd I brought it for £20! Its got a red/black almost fire effect
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