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cpanel back


How do i request to return on my cpanel? I cannot login anymore to my cpanel.

Hi Johans,

Nice to see you back. Unfortunately no one can access Server 4 other than Bondings and the situation is still the same as when last you had made an inquiry.

Looks as though your account has been suspended. Do you know why?

What I could suggest - since it would be nice if you started to post again of course - is for us to start from scratch. We can open a new hosting account for you on Server 1 with the same information you provided for the Website on Server 4. Please let us know if we can go ahead with doing that.

We'd of course do it so we can get you posting again. If you want to start a hosting account at Frihost again, can you please put in a "Point Reset" request so we can reset your points and you start posting again.
Hi Deanhills, thank you for your response. Yes please can you help me create a new account? I appreciate that you response on my post. I thought frishost is lost and no one could help me at all.

Since bondings is not that active; i would also request to reset my account to have no negative points here.

Thank you in Advance.
@Johans. Hope you understand that the account will be an empty cpanel account. We don't have access to Server 4, so there won't be copies available to us of your previous Website on Server 4. You will have to start your new hosting account from scratch.

If you still want us to go ahead with opening a new account for you on Server 1, can you please send the following information to me by PM:

1. Name of cPanel: (8 characters or less)
2. E-Mail Address: (one that you use often)
3. Domain/subdomain? (Subdomain:
4. Accept Frihost TOS? (Yes/NO)
5. What will the hosting account be used for?

To reset your points can you please go into your ACCOUNT and see whether you can click on a link for resetting your points.
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