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I downloaded a free html editor, along with a trojan Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

McAfee deleted it (the file entitled: '6 buttons from hell') and im wondering could my computer still be at risk? I did a quick search for viruses etc. but it froze like it always does when im doing virus scans cause my computer is weak.

Would Mcafee have cleared out anything else that couldve caused my computer harm? I have zonealarm firewall as well btw.

Im asking this cause i got a trojan last year and it dialed up this number in Nigeria, which eventually cost £190.

Dont really want that to happen again...
Mcafee should only delete the virus file. Though sometimes Win Xp saves a copy of that trojan as backup for restore. If you have updated your Mcafee Antivirus and run a full system scan then its unlikely that you will have any other virus.You should consider disabling unnecessary programs in startup manager to speed up your pc.

I am moving your post to computer problem and support forum where you have better chance of getting good advice/solution.
That is, of course, assuming that it's just a simple trojan, and not a morphing one.

I would also scna your PC with "Spyware Search and Destroy" for spyware.

If it turns out that the Trojan was actually imported onto your Pc along with a few .dll spyware files, then you may still have lingering "nasties".

An advanced way of checking what's on your Pc and what's running is also "Hijack This".

Google searches will provide you with the links to the above, and may also provide you with more additional information on their uses - it would take oo long to post a complete guide in here.

Also, look up the Trojan definition, and the file name, and do a Google search on them to see if there are likely to be any other implications for the infection.

Remember, it is not always enough to just rely on your AV software deleting the file flagged as infected, sometimes there are additional considerations to be dealt with such as registry changes, .dll files infected, and BHO's...
I have Adware SE personal, i think that should take care of spyware etc.
When a user tries to execute a file which contains a virus or a trojan, an antivirus like Mcafee, NAV etc will halt the execution of the file, thus stopping the virus/trojan from infecting the system.
Negative, Antivirus programs won't do anything against advanced trojans these days, if the trojan makers know what they're doing, Antivirus programs are jokes.

Yes, even Adaware or [insert your anti-trojan/adware software title here] won't do good.

First, disconnect yourself from the internet. Why? Most trojans/viruses nowadays are linked to numerous webpages, and they'll just keep coming back unless you wipe them out when you're not connected to the web.

I'd suggest you scan your computer first, find all the infected files, before you delete them, record those files. Anyone knows this step.

Now here's the trouble, any good trojan will keep on coming back. Why? Check your registry.

Now run regedit, find all those file names, delete all registry strings related to those files. The run msconfig, in Services/Boot up, find all the programs/services related to those trojans. Check them OFF.

Reboot to safe mode, WITH NO INTERNET CONNECTION. Re-scan your computer. If it's clean, it'll be truly clean. If it's not, then go through the steps again until it's clean. The key is that you must be disconnected from the internet when doing this.
i think you should scan your pc with spy sweeper
Your computer sould be able to complete a virus scan without crashing. If it can't, there is something seriously wrong!
If your computer restarts under heavy load it may be overheating - add more fans or maybe a water-cooler.
It could also be your power supply - make sure it is a good brand like Antec.
i dont trust those antivirus software...really that much,,,..

try to full scan it...
alot of the advanced trojans and viuruses are made now to actually crash your anit-virus program as it scans... that could be the reason its crashing... There is a program out there that actually will find the virus and rename it so it loses its power and you safely rename it... You might wanna try that method, sorry I forgot the name but just google that and you should find it.

Other then that, the suggests earlier about turning off your net and doing all your scans in SAFE MODE is a great idea. Hopefully you can get this cleared up...

If all else fails.... there is always reformating Sad
Ah the good old 6 buttons from hell. Im taking it that you downloaded 1st Page 2000 by Evrsoft. If your Antivirus program says it removed 6 buttons from hell, it has. Its a very simple trojan that is very easy to remove.
quarintine and delete the folder
inmagine if a computer could have like a immune system. Very Happy
run stinger as it has better scanning techniques and it is free from mcafee and also it searches for loaders for trojans and viruses so in all it in my opinion it is best
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