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Anyone has travelling tips for Brussels? I'm going there in a couple of weeks for a 3-day trip.
All you need is accommodation in the city and there are tour buses that will take you everywhere. You don't even have to plan anything. Think you can get bus day passes and it's best to get it early in the morning to get the maximum use out of them as the buses stop the tours at 5:00 p.m. At night you can let your feet do the walking. There is a beautiful square in the middle of Brussels called the Grand Place - I'll see if I can dig some photos up but this is one I Googled and exactly as it is at night. I just kept walking and discovering new places. Think that way it's also relaxing. Instead of deciding in advance what you're going to see and rushing from one place to the other because there is just too much to see, just see what happens when you work with what's available and do things instinctively.

I stayed at this budget hotel two blocks away from the Brussels central train station.

Nicest experience after was when I used the Eurostar Brussels train through the channel tunnel to the heart of London. That was a great train experience. Also amazing how close London and Brussels can be. Just a train hop away. Razz

Thank you for the insights Smile
I didn't know either that you could go to London like that, but it seems a little expensive (similar to a Bullet train in japan that goes Tokyo -> Kyoto).

I just came back from Copenhagen where I did little planning ahead and ended up having a few disappointments like Tivoli being closed until April. That was shocking haha. Are there any restaurants or street food worth trying? Smile

Thanks again!
ep1c0t wrote:
Are there any restaurants or street food worth trying? Smile

Thanks again!
I can't remember street food, but I can remember quite a number of terrace cafes and restaurants with all kinds of food - from health nuts to fast food addicts to very sophisticated cuisine. Brussels beer is good though. Plenty on tap. Maybe if you have some spare time you can plan a visit of one of their beer breweries. Should be fun to see how they make beer.
I only passed through it, but the landscape was beautiful.
Nowadays there is FlixBus, which will get you anywhere across Europe.

This sums it up quite nicely:

If you have more time, you can also go visit Antwerpen, Brugge. Most cities have medieval roots, so there is a lot to see everywhere.

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