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Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Standalone DLC Review!

I managed to get my hands on Standalone version of DLC Freedom Cry .
Its Caribbean and Slaves all the way!
First of all, any rig that is capable of running Black Flag should have no problem. And that takes care of system requirements!
Then its all about slaves and freeing them! story is pretty much too slow to progress to make much difference and there isn't much open world to explore, but that changes once you capture your own ship.
Combat is simple, you can assassinate two people together, if discovered in open, then you can take at most two to three opponents, if jailer is there then you better tuck your tail and run like hell.
You can climb any buildings and most amazing are the windmills, grab the wings an see the world.
Freeing slaves for plantation is something you have to do to progress the story. There are different strategies for day and night. On Day no matter how hard i tried (that being said as am very impatient) you'll be discovered, and a few slaves will be killed before you can finish off the guards. however during night, the task is breeze as darkness will give you plenty of cover and there are no slaves to get killed. pick out 20 guards as required or all of them if you want vengeance and then open the slave pens..Bingo! you free all slaves without getting single one killed.
Once you get your own ship them my, my! its pure joy. Those "harpooning missions are the one i loved most! you get to actually harpoon the sharks and enjoy the chase as they go down or the lines are broken or sometimes when they attack you, your boat breaks and finally you are eaten alive. Absolutely Fan-Bloody-Tastic!
Then again underwater missions suck! There isn't much air and you pretty much end up dying. taught me important lesson that never sink enemy ships right away, disable them first, board them, loot them, kill those snotty purebred captains and then get back to your own ship and finally sink it with glee!
You better run away from those Man-of-Wars with level 60 of Her Majesty's Navy. They'll make mincemeat of you in just one broadside.
truth be told, once I left Port-au-Prince after gaining my own ship. I hardly cared to come back but again story forced me to come back and progress. Those gales and maelstrom are amazing! You feel so great batting thunder and mighty waves struggling to hold when of your ship with your heart in your mouth.
[spoiler alert! story/plot ahead]
Boring Templar/Assassin prologue in which you (Ad้wal้) gain a important package from admiral (after defeating his man or war and killing him) then brave a storm, loose your ship and men and get washed ashore half-dead, then the story starts...
The governor is coward tyrant and you are to free slaves by raiding plantation/jails and help resistance with some stupid spying/assassination missions. Then you get your own ship and now raid the slave ships and explore raid, kill etc etc.
Then comes some conspiracy about deciding whether earth is round or oval or egg and a great scientific mission departs, of course you sabotage by substituting illiterate slaves. Code Noir and all that nonsense. then you protect your own enemies from pirates under 3 minutes to have your scheme succeed.
Finally coward governor fearing rebellion fires on unarmed slave ship and you jump in to rescue the drowning slaves then there are some "Uncharted" like movements and you witness firsthand horror, suffering and pain.
You barely survive, this pisses you off you swear vengeance on governor, strom his mansion then chase him all over Port-au-Prince and kill him. Cut scene and
Then comes the worst part of credits which you cant turn off/skip/skipped up and its so bloody long and you can't ever force close the game for fear of not completing it. God damn it. I hated the end like anything.
So Have any of you played? your thoughts... comments...[/b]
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