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Hi Ladies!

Who's your favorite girl group? do you dig the sounds of-Destiny's Child with the sexy Beyoncé or maybe it's-TLC or perhaps you go back to the days of-The Chantels who hit with[Maybe]or the Shirelles who ruled the early sixties[Soldier Boy-Mama Said-Dedicated To The One I Love-Will You Love Me Tomorrow-Sha La La-Met Him On A Sunday]or the ladies of Motown-The Marvelettes[Playboy-The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game-Don't Mess With Bill]-The Supremes[Stop In The Name Of Love-Baby Love- The Happening]-Martha And The Vandellas[Jimmy Mack-Come An Get These Memories-Heatwave]or perhaps the disco sounds of-Taste Of Honey[Boogie Oogie Oogie]maybe the sweet seventies soul of-The Emotions[So I Can Love You-The Best Part Of A Love Affair-Best Of My Love]well it doesn't matter where you first got hooked the fact is the great girl groups have given some of the greatest songs right along with the guys....oh as for me it's the sexy Wanda Rodgers and her Marvelettes.
Among my favourite "girl groups" are:

Jale, though they were only a mostly female band at the end (Alyson MacLeod left and Mike Belitsky took over on drums).

The Organ became an instant favourite in the mid-00s

The Slits were a punk band that I only recently really discovered. Good stuff there.

The Be Good Tanyas bring some beautiful alt-country/blue grass.

I may add more later Wink
The Bond Group. Here they are performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Winter sun is one of my favourite productions.

Here's a live performance in Japan:

Another favourite of mine - Escala:
Listen to the Munich Allstars
we had Sahara hotnights here in Sweden, but I don't know if they are still Active. Still some records are great rock.
loveandormoney wrote:
Listen to the Munich Allstars
I did, I like them. Natalie Marchenko is quite proficient on saxophone, I'd like to hear her play music with more improvisation though.
I'm a little surprised I didn't recommend Warpaint in my first post, they've been a favourite of mine for some time.

Or some 90s Canadian indie, [url]Plumtree[/url]
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