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Your Favorite Live Performance

Who was the best performer you've seen on stage?...for me it will always be the Temptin Temptations of course I'm talking about the classic group of-Eddie-Paul-David-Melvin-Otis, no group can light up a stage like these gentlemen of song.
I saw Rod Stewart once. That guy is a great entertainer. The energy that he manages to spread through the audience is amazing. He got people to stand on their chairs just out of sheer excitement. Goose pimple stuff.

As a musician and just listening to his music his OK. I doubt I'd go out and buy his stuff. But as an artist he has the power to move an audience. Or he used to. That was some time ago.
The Wall by Roger Waters which was played at the terrain used by Rock Werchter.

Site is in dutch:

The Wall was released 2 years before I was born but thankfully my parents brought me up with good music Laughing

I really enjoyed the show, even my father was there and he loved it to see the show ( again )
Probably the most powerful and moving live performance I've been to was a show in a local venue headlining Greg MacPherson. Greg is a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada based artist, who is from out this way in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia... the local connection, of course, works well for him with the audience. He comes out this way at least once a year to visit family, and play a couple shows.

This show in particular was a bit different. For one, the venue had table seating... he generally plays bars or community halls (for all-ages shows), which was something of a change of pace. Second, he was in the process of recording/mastering a new album (Mr. Invitation, 2010); many of the songs he played we'd never heard before. In any case, the circumstances all colluded to create a set with an ineffable intensity. The whole of the audience was captivated; it was the quietest room I've ever witnessed for a performance... people were too rapt in the experience to chat. The performance was emotionally charged, the new songs were personally strong and engaging... a song would end and it would take us a moment to process what we'd just taken in and begin to applaud. One of the songs he unveiled upon us that night was Visitor, which was entirely engaging; that performance is still the definitive version in my head.

It's been 6 years, and this show still sits prominently in my mind... and there have been many incredible show experiences I've had both within my local music scene and beyond, but this tops.
Well We once had a concert stadium here in Sweden called Eriksdalshallen but was closed down in the 80s as a concert hall because it was unstable... But the sound was great and solid for a big hall. We had Status quo here then - and I suppose that bouncing was a major tribute the the halls closure. So that concert was gr8 for a large audience. Otherwise I go for small clubs.
I am truely jealous of a work mate that long ago was in a pub in great Britain and the surprice band for the evening was Slade...

That would be the best, small audience, a Little pub house and the Mighty Slade... Imagine to just have gulped the second beer and the stage vibrates suddenly "We'll tear the house down..."
I have seen so many fantastic performances by at the time unknown artist in small venues/bars (Kiss. REO Speedwagon. and Foghat to name a few) plus many other very talented artist that I won't single out one.
I had the luck to be in one of the last concerts of AC/DC featuring Brian Johnson, short before he had to retire due to audition problems. It was if I recall correctly 1 year ago, but it's still the best I've seen.
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