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Comments on design

I have two websites, one a personal homepage, the other a fansite. I am looking for comments and suggestions for both the sites

The fansite:
Naif wrote:

You have some errors in html code there. In my FireFox your site generates horizontal scroll-bar, which is very bad in my opinion. Also, using <iframe> tag would be better to avoid.

Naif wrote:
The fansite:

This site layout looks very nice and I like it. But again, when going into source code, there is some mess.

Yes Arin, the code is a bit messy. I have to clean up alot and implement the use of style sheets. You said firefox generated horizontol scrollbars? That wasnt suppose to happen :S I disabled scrollbars and instead used javascript code for scrolling. Did it generate those scroll bars around the iframe document? I had to use iframes because I had no other choice. By the way, in which resolution depth did you view the page in? Can you be kind enough to send me a snapshot of what you saw in firefox?

My email address is prince_of_nights [at the rate of] hotmail

I used the bgsound that too on my personal homepage, I have to remove that too. I dont think FF nor Opera support the <bgsound> tag.
Damn!!! I received your mail and PM. Thanks alot for mailing the screen shots, I appreciate it alot. All I have to or can say is that, something, somewhere...., went really wrong! Thats not the way it was meant to be displayed. Here is a snapshot of how it should get displayed:

Here is the one you sent me:

I will have a look at the tabling I used to see if I can find what the problem might be.
Well.. I've tried to play with your code, but its really to messy for me Smile. My advice would be that you take a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw the tables in way that you would like them to appear on you site. Then make new index.html and put it on slowly step by step. Don't be shy to look into html specs - it is really useful with a lot of examples - it is very good when you aren't sure what should and what should not be in a tag. If you are using WYSIWYG editor - change it. For a html editor, or even better - for a text editor with highlighted syntax. Maybe you would like Crimson Editor.

If you would have some questions - you have my email and pms. Good luck.

Took your advice and rewrote the HTML from start. I have uploaded it here:

The code should look clear now. You will notice that I have placed three nested tables, one inside the other. That might confuse you a bit maybe. Here is the reason to it:

The third table, i.e. the lowest nested table contains the actual contents and code. I wanted it to be aligned towards the center and vertically aligned in the middle. The first table does just that. It aligns:center and valigns:middle. That explains the first and the third table... Now the reason I used the second table is because, I wanted a black border to surround the third table. If I gave the third table a border, all columns inside it would have had a border and I didnt want that. I just wanted a border to surround only the table. So for that sole purpose, I nested it around a second table which contains a border="1"

See if this page gets properly displayed. It contains no javascript code. If it gets displayed properly, then I guess the reason it was getting screwed up is because of the Javascript code I had used for the scrolling purpose(this page does not contain that code).

Thanks for the help.
hehehe,, i like the matrix look. but i think it would be better if it was black. i love the scroll effect// hehehe. lazy peeps way, i guess. yeah its allright.

for the fun site:
simple but nice.
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