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American Football - The Super Bowl

I don't see any posts here about American Football - I just wanted to throw up a new subject about yesterday's Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. It was a pretty uneventful game and mostly defensive gain. The impressive thing about Denver's defense is that the Carolina Panthers were the best offense in the NFL and had an average score of over 30 points per game. Denver's defense shut them down and kept them to only 10 points.

Yeah Denver's quarterback Peyton Manning is getting older and will probably retire after the game yesterday, but he was able to contribute enough to get another win and a Super Bowl Championship! All and all it was a great year for Denver and a great way to end an impressive career in the NFL by Peyton - going out on top with a Super Bowl win is a great accomplishment - Proud to be a Denver fan and it was great to see them bring home a third championship Very Happy
Did not see a post for the 2017 Super Bowl either. I was disappointed how the Atlanta Falcons defense threw away the game in the fourth quarter with penalty after penalty
superbawl is not a famous sports in other countries.. maybe you did see it here.
johans wrote:
superbawl is not a famous sports in other countries.. maybe you did see it here.

I hear you. Maybe the superbowl just got off on the wrong 'foot'!
WOW I cannot believe this post is over a year old at this point!

This past Superbowl - Superbowl 51 was quite the game if you are into American Football. Never seen a Superbowl like that in my life and I have been watching them since I was a kid. Really impressive to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots come from behind to win like that. First Superbowl I have ever seen that went into overtime.

Funny part is that before the Half Time show I was speaking with my younger sister on the phone and I told her it was a typical Superbowl where one team scores and gets a bit lead, and emotions take over and the winning team just keeps pounding on the loosing team until the score is so lopsided it is boring to watch! I was ready to turn it off after the half time show, and missed quite a bit of the third quarter - then all of a sudden in the 4th quarter of the game New England rallies and comes from behind to win it! It was amazing to watch and I am glad my judgements didn't get the best of me and I hung out and watched it!

Not often you get to see a come from behind win like that - really impressive to say the least!
This one may not be good,I think that the Pats will take down the Eagles easily-35-20.
I mean if you ask Alexa her thoughts she says the eagles and that's all the proof that I need.

Seriously though I am an eagles fan and grew up not too far from the stadiums and the city. There are a few things I have to say. First the negativity all season has kept us going. When we were doing well people told us that we weren't playing any good teams. Carson Wentz gets hurt and all you hear is how we are doomed. We were told we wouldn't be NFC East Champions yet we did it. We were told we wouldn't Get a first round bye but we did it. We were told we would never get home field advantage but we did. They said we wern't going to beat Atlanta but we did. There's no way you can win against the Vikings but we crushed them. We've had a fair amount of injuries with Jason Peters, Caleb Sturgis, Carson Wentz, Darren Sproles, Jordan Hicks and yet the team stepped up and pushed on. Nick Foles is an incredible athlete and is able to listen and adapt. Our coaching staff has done wonders all year. Pederson trusts his players and allows the team to play and bring their own ideas to the table. Jim Schwartz is great with the defense and can adapt to what he sees quickly. Just look at the Vikings game and see how he was able to stop them soon after they scored their only time.

Not only this but the team never gives up. They give it 100% until the game is over. The reason we are playing the Patriots this week and not Jacksonville is because of this. Jacksonville left the half with 55 seconds on the clock, the ball at the 25 yard line and 2 time outs at their disposal. The Eagles faced similar with 30 some seconds and scored 3 extra points.

On top of everything else you have to remember that this is the second matchup of the Pats and the Birds the last being in 2005. Now let me remind you that Rocky didn't beat Apollo until his second time. Oh and Billy Penn is back to being the highest thing in the city. Curse of Billy Penn
Game almost over. Had to 'mute' the sound because announcers at NBC are so much for the Patriots that I could not enjoy the game.
standready wrote:
Game almost over. Had to 'mute' the sound because announcers at NBC are so much for the Patriots that I could not enjoy the game.

I'm glad that I wasn't the only one thinking that and that people not from Philly thought the same thing. It was really bad and annoying especially with both of the Eagle's catches. Both clearly were catches and they thought they would be overturned and they were wrong both times. They had very little positive things to say about the eagles also which was just annoying. They made Troy Aikman and Joe Buck look like good announcers, in fact I think I would have rather had them 2.
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